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Agile and efficient, the compact wheel loaders are efficient tools for moving fodder, manure and other materials around the farm. With the right choice of loader tires, you will get the most out of every working day.

The right wheel loader tires for the terrain

Maneuvering at paved ports and loading yards can wear out the wheel loader tires prematurely. A large contact surface to the ground and sturdy rubber compound are the keys to good service life. The block-patterned Nokian Tyres TRI 2 loader tires offer many advantages, such as low surface pressure, good grip, and excellent self-cleaning properties.

Grip around the year

In snow removal work as well as any material moving on snowy or icy surfaces, the winter grip of a tire becomes a critical factor. The world’s first winter contracting tire, Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI, has efficient siping, good self-cleaning, and a rubber compound optimized for cold climates. In addition to its good winter properties, the Hakkapeliitta TRI is an efficient year-round loader tire.

Stability means safety also with wheel loader tires

In stressful loading work, tire stability corresponds to more efficient work, enabling faster movements with fewer swings and shocks. This makes the Nokian Tyres TRI 2 loader tire a perfect choice due to its superior stability and comfort.

Road properties of wheel loader tires

Road transfers play an increasingly large role in compact wheel loader work, particularly in combined agricultural and municipal contracting work. Both Nokian Tyres TRI 2 and Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI wheel loader tires are designed for smooth, safe road transports. The tires’ asymmetric block array minimizes noise and vibration, making them a comfortable choice for a high-quality loader tire.


The loader tire for full-sized wheel loaders

For heavy loader use, the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Loader is an efficient choice for an all-year wheel loader tire. The block-patterned structure of Hakkapeliitta Loader serves well on hard surfaces as well as on snow and ice.

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Nokian Tyres Ground King Loader

Nokian Tyres Ground King Loader

Damping M+S marking Puncture protection Radial Steel belted Stone ejectors Studdable Tread depth indicator Tubeless
Loader tire with excellent soft soil grip and road handling
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Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Loader

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Loader

Radial Tubeless Studdable M+S marking
Winter tire for wheel loaders
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Nokian Tyres TRI 2

Nokian Tyres TRI 2

Radial Tubeless Studdable M+S marking Steel belted
Reliable performance all year round
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Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI

Radial Tubeless Steel belted Studdable M+S marking
Precise control and great efficiency
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Nokian Tyres Loader Grip 2

Nokian Tyres Loader Grip 2

Radial Tubeless Studdable M+S marking Steel belted Driving safety indicator
Absolute grip and durability for wheel loaders and other work
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Nokian Tyres Loader Grip

Nokian Tyres Loader Grip

M+S marking Radial Tubeless Studdable Steel belted
Sturdy grip for wheel loaders and machines
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Reliable wheel loader tires for agricultural work

The loader is a versatile piece of heavy machinery that is capable of a number of tasks, whether on the farm moving fodder or clearing out rocks at a quarry. What makes wheel loaders excel in different challenging jobs are the different extensions that can be used on a wheel loader, ranging from buckets and forks to many other attachments.

In addition to different attachments that enable loaders to be used in many situations, this heavy machine needs tried and tested tires as well. Nokian Tyres knows exactly what is required of a heavy loader tire in agricultural work and loader tires for earthmoving and road maintenance. For heavy excavators and backhoe loaders, the Nokian Tyres Ground Kare is the right choice.

For other demanding agricultural work, Nokian Tyres offers a wide range of specialized tires that do not fail to get the job done. Flotation tires such as the Nokian Tyres Country King are an economical and comfortable powerhouse for work around the farm. Nokian Tyres Ground King, on the other hand, is an all-terrain agricultural tire, fit for a multitude of conditions and jobs.

Get to know the entire selection of heavy agricultural tires by Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual to find the right tire for different heavy machinery.