Forestry tractor tires

Forestry tractor tires

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Forest is a changing environment that demands a lot from forestry tractor tires all year round. Decades of experience in forestry tractor tire development and endless testing in harsh northern conditions have made Nokian Tyres an industry forerunner that provides the ultimate tires for forestry, earthmoving and contracting work all over the world. With the right tires, the work gets done, whether it is rainy and muddy summer or cold, snowy winter.

Heavier tractors need sturdier tires

The average size of a forestry tractor has grown over the years. A modern tractor can often weigh over 10 tons, not to mention the extra weight that comes from heavy work attachments. This development in machine size sets new demands on forestry tires. The applications of a forestry tire is more varied than ever before: same tires need to excel in forestry, earthmoving and contracting work.

For heavy-weight forestry, earthmoving and contracting, the Nokian Tires Tractor King is a new kind of forestry tractor tire developed especially for the most challenging environments. This truly innovative no-compromise tire is making the everyday work in forests and earthmoving sites all over the world safer, more efficient and more comfortable.  

Excellent grip and dependability for forestry tractors

Featuring radical new thinking in tractor tire technology, Nokian Tyres Tractor King is a radial tire that carries heavy loads with an operating pressure up to 320 kPa.  This study forestry tire maintains a steady grip on all terrains with a 50 percent more tractive edges compared to the traditional lug pattern.

Since a punctured tire is one of the most expensive and time-consuming situations in forestry work, Tractor King tires have a core and sidewall designed for top-class puncture-resistance even in the toughest conditions.  

Sturdy forestry tire with good on-road properties

Forestry work takes place not only in forests but on roads as well. Moving from one place to another can be time-consuming. In fact, the whole development process of the Nokian Tyres Tractor King started when the Nokian Tyres R & D team found out there is a growing need for a strong and versatile forestry tire, combining supreme traction with premium on-road qualities. Therefore, the Tractor King forestry tractor tire has been developed from the start to have an innovatively wear-resistant tread design that provides comfortable and economical kilometers. This makes the Tractor King a reliable choice for a variety of forestry applications.

Other durable forestry tires for tractors

Nokian Tyres Forest King T is a sturdy special tire for heavy, tractor-based machines and versatile forestry use. It is designed for harvesting, forest clearance and soil scarification work, which makes it a suitable choice for many forestry tractors. It has improved puncture resistance and excellent traction, yet it is gentle on terrain.

For somewhat lighter tractors than Tractor King and Forest King T, there is another durable tractor tire option: Nokian Tyres TR Forest. This forestry tire has a sturdy, tried and tested bias structure and a tread rubber compound. This makes the TR Forest a stable performer in versatile forestry use.

When the environment is somewhat less demanding and a good general tire for many uses is needed, Nokian Tyes TR Multiplus is a great option for excellent grip and optimal performance. The TR Multiplus is a strong radial tire for fields, roads and forestry work.  

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Nokian Tyres Tractor King

Nokian Tyres Tractor King

Radial Tubeless Steel belted ccr Aramid sidewalls Puncture protection Chain use Studdable Stone ejectors Tread depth indicator
Revolutionary from surface to core
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Nokian Tyres TR Multiplus

Nokian Tyres TR Multiplus

Radial Tubeless Steel belted ccr Puncture protection Chain use Studdable
Radial tire for multi-purpose use
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Nokian Tyres Forest King T

Nokian Tyres Forest King T

Diagonal Tube type Steel fortified ccr Puncture protection Chain use Studdable
Heavyweight professional
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Nokian Tyres TR Forest 2

Nokian Tyres TR Forest 2

Tubeless Studdable ccr Chain use Diagonal Puncture protection
Forest-proven strength and stability for light and medium weight forestry tractors
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Quality forestry factor tires for extreme conditions

The unique qualities of Nokian Tyres’ forestry tractor tires are the result of decades worth of experience and rigorous testing. In addition to forestry tires for tractors, skidders, forwarders and harvesters, Nokian Tyres is the expert in tires for agricultural tractors and other applications.

With expertise and long-term product development, Nokian Tyres is able to produce the leading forestry tractor tires with superior qualities:

  • Excellent traction
  • Puncture-resistance
  • Stability and comfort on all terrains
  • High load capacity
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Versatility in various forestry applications

Find the tires for your forestry machinery of choice from Nokian Tyres. To find the correct forestry tractor tire and the right tire size, read our technical tire manual