Tires for Terminal Tractors

Tires for Terminal Tractors

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Terminal tractors, or shunt trucks, are true workhorses of harbors and terminals. In their fast-paced work, ergonomics and maneuverability are important for both efficiency and work safety. Terminal tractor tires are an important link in the logistics chain – keeping up the constant flow of goods no matter the weather.

A terminal tractor is a highly specialized vehicle, with all aspects of the design serving the purpose of moving semi-trailers quickly, safely and efficiently. The terminal tractor tires must support this purpose as well. Nokian Tyres HTS Tugger is a terminal tractor tire that is designed with the demands of terminal work in mind.  

Tires for the heaviest loads

Terminal tractors are true powerhouses of the harbor and come in several sizes, all the way up to mega- and jumbo-sized carrying beasts. That’s why terminal tractors need tires with good load-bearing capacity in a compact, low-profile size. The Nokian Tyres HTS Tugger tires can accommodate even the heaviest terminal tractors. 

Maneuverability and predictability

Maximum throughput without compromising safety is the target for terminal work. This requires optimal handling properties and visibility from the terminal tractor. The Nokian Tyres HTS Tugger terminal tire supports your work with its stable, predictable handling.

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Nokian Tyres HTS Tugger

Nokian Tyres HTS Tugger

Radial Tubeless
Massive load capacity for terminal tractors
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Tires for all conditions

Working in cold climates sets special demands on terminal tractor tires. Nokian Tyres HTS Tugger is designed to offer good grip and handling around the year. Ro-ro-ships set their own special challenges for tractors and their tires, with steep ramps and slippery decks of the ship. With good tires, work and productivity around the harbor do not suffer regardless of the circumstances. 

Nokian Tyres HTS Tugger

The Nokian Tyres HTS Tugger tire provides a precise driving response and is easily handled in various surroundings and service duties. One of the key elements of the Nokian Tyres HTS Tugger is its special multi-layer structure that enables extraordinary load-bearing capacity. The tractor tire is designed with a low profile for optimized performance in narrow port environments where vehicle height may become a limiting factor.    

Understanding your working environment

Cramped environments with limited vehicle height require low-profile tires – without compromising the load-bearing capacity, grip or predictable handling. As a forerunner in special tires, Nokian Tyres has listened to the needs of end users as well as vehicle manufacturers. This collaboration has produced some of the market’s most advanced tires for terminal tractors. 

Finding the best terminal tires

A reliable harbor tire has to meet certain requirements for being able to deliver even in special environments. With expertise and long-term product development, Nokian Tyres is able to provide leading terminal tires with a special focus on these four qualities:

  • Excellent load-bearing capacity
  • Easy steering and handling properties
  • Functionality in all weather conditions
  • Low-profile size for narrow port use

Find the right tire for your terminal tractor from Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual to learn more. With our top-quality harbor tires for your port machinery, you can achieve optimal performance within your industry. Check out our tire selection also for other harbor equipment, such as reach stackers and RTG cranes.