Noktop 86 EM

A traction tread designed for off-road use and short transfers in special vehicles such as wheel loaders and dumpers. Special rubber compound guarantees a unique tear and puncture resistance, and the tread has a large block structure with excellent self-cleaning and grip. Nokian Tyres Noktop 86 is not recommended for long-distance transport during the summer.

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All-season tires

Noktop 86 EM - Traction tread for demanding off-road purposes

Technical specifications

Nokian Tyres Noktop 86 EM 440

WidthPattern depthWeightWeight/mLengthProduct code
440 mm 40 mm 21.3 kg 20.7 kg/m 1030 mm T672156
Width 440 mm
Pattern depth 40 mm
Weight 21.3 kg
Weight/m 20.7 kg/m
Length 1030 mm
Product code T672156

Nokian Tyres Noktop 86 EM 620

WidthPattern depthWeightWeight/mLengthProduct code
620 mm 46 mm 27 kg 33.1 kg/m 815 mm T672157
Width 620 mm
Pattern depth 46 mm
Weight 27 kg
Weight/m 33.1 kg/m
Length 815 mm
Product code T672157

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