Any raw material and manufacturing defects of products made by or for Nokian Heavy Tyres Ltd (“Products”) are subject to Nokian Heavy Tyres’ Limited Warranty.

Customers that have registered to INTUITU mobile application (“Application”) are entitled to a one-year (1) extension to the warranty provided by Nokian Heavy Tyres’ Limited Warranty, as provided herein (“Warranty Extension”).

This Warranty Extension is valid only for Tires that are purchased from Nokian Heavy Tyres´ authorised reseller* located in the following country: Finland, France, Spain, Australia.

This Warranty Extension does not apply to INTUITU Sensor Limited Warranty. This Warranty Extension is not available for and does not apply to truck, bus or passenger car tires.

Pursuant to this Warranty extension, the liability provided by Nokian Heavy Tyres’ Limited Warranty remains effective for four (4) years from the date of purchase of the Product or for six (6) years from the manufacture of the Product, whichever is the earliest.

The Warranty Extension is valid under the following conditions: 
- the customer has successfully registered to INTUITU mobile application and has registered their Product (tires) in the Application within one (1) month from purchase of the tires; and 
- the customer maintains up-to-date information regarding users, machine and tire position in the Application or the customer is able to demonstrate that he has made reasonable efforts to maintain the data in the Application with the help of INTUITU support ([email protected]).

In order for the Warranty Extension to be valid, the customer must present a receipt of the tire purchase or other reliable proof of purchase.

This Warranty Extension shall transfer to a new owner of Tires provided that the change of ownership is notified to Nokian Heavy Tyres in the Application or via [email protected] and the new owner registers to the INTUITU application within one (1) month of transfer of the ownership.

As far as not otherwise stated in this Warranty Extension, the terms of Limited Warranty of Nokian Heavy Tyres apply in all respect to the Tires.

This Warranty Extension is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Finland. This warranty extension shall not limit the customer’s rights under the local mandatory law.

* Authorised reseller is a reseller that has entered into a contractual relationship with a Nokian Tyres group company to sell Nokian Heavy Tyres´ products.