Fast race,
Big change

this is your opportunity to pitch your innovation in lapland, on an tire test track, in a speeding car, in front of a panel of expert judges.

we suggest you take it.

we want to hear your solution to more sustainable tires

The world is changing and we need to act fast. In the race against time, we accelarate innovation for the most sustainable tires yet. FAST RACE, BIG CHANGE is an open challenge to find the next big solution that we can use in our future tires to impact their sustainability.

The challenge is open to the best innovative minds from across the world and from all industries, whether you are part of a startup, university, research institute, university or an established business. If you think you have what we are looking for, join the challenge!

thiS is what we are looking for

innovations to reduce co2 emissions from tire use or manufacturing

efficient usage of recycled materials

New renewable raw materials

innovations to increase tire wear resistance

digital technologies


...and many more! this is not an exhaustive list, we welcome all ideas to making tires more sustainable. 

you have one lap to change the world

From all the entries, our experts will choose the finalists who we will invite to White Hell, our winter tire testing center in Lapland, Finland. There their idea will be put into the ultimate test: they will be asked to give a pitch of their innovation - while speeding down a test track in a car driven by one of Nokian Tyres professional test drivers. They will have one lap to convince the panel of judges that their innovation will make the big change. The time is limited, just like in the fast race against the climate change.


turn your idea into reality

Let's make one thing clear - we are looking for you for a serious relationship. We have ambitious goals about making the world safer with more sustainable tires. You have an idea that will help us reach this target. The FAST RACE, BIG CHANGE challenge gives you the opportunity to explore a business or development partnership with Nokian Tyres.  You will have the chance to work with the leading tire experts in the world making your idea into reality and maybe even becoming part of a tire that can be used by millions worldwide. The winner will also receive a monetary prize of 10 000 €. 

Together we can make an impact on how the world drives.