reselo is the winner

Out of the four finalists chosen to compete in the finals event, the jury awarded Swedish Reselo's renewable rubber as the winner of the FAST RACE, BIG CHANGE sustainable tire innovation challenge

From almost the 50 applications from 18 different countries,  a team of Nokian Tyres experts chose four finalists to compete at the FAST RACE, BIG CHANGE sustainable tire innovation challenge finals event held in Lapland this January. After the world's fastest pitch and careful consideration, the jury awarded Reselo AB from Sweden with the winning place. Reselo’s innovative renewable rubber made from residue birch bark convinced the judges with its versatility and future potential. 

rubber made from birch bark residue is the winner

Reselo’s winning renewable rubber utilizes birch bark sourced from the residue of the global pulp, paper and plywood industry. According to Reselo, a single mill creates 100,000 tons of birch bark residue on average every year, and the forest industry in Finland and Sweden alone produce enough raw material for 200,000 tons of Reselo's unique rubber. The biorefinery concept Reselo uses is also designed to minimize the environmental impact of the material.

“We were really impressed with the capabilities and versatility of the material. It was also important for us that the material was produced from the side stream of other industries. The company and the team are highly dedicated. We want to be part of their success story, and we believe that Reselo will be one of the steppingstones towards our own goal of having 50% of the raw materials in our tires renewable or recycled by 2030”, says the chairman of the jury Teemu Soini, Head of Innovation & Development from Nokian Tyres.

the world's fastest pitch

The finals event of the FAST RACE, BIG CHANGE innovation challenge was held at Nokian Tyres’ legendary test center White Hell, situated in Finnish Lapland. The winning innovation was put to the test along with the three other finalists in a heart-racing pitching session from an electric vehicle speeding on an icy tire test track for one lap. The pitches were streamed lived to a panel of judges, who the finalists faced after their speedy pitches in the car. In addition to Reselo the other finalists were Microwave solutions GmbH from Switzerland, Universal Matter Inc. from Canada and a simulation modelling expert from Italy

The winner of the FAST RACE, BIG CHANGE will receive a monetary prize as well as the opportunity to explore a business or development partnership with Nokian Tyres.