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Nokian Tyres high-tech offers true benefit for drivers

Already test winners, the new Nokian Tyres SUV summer tyres provide maximum durability and performance thanks to high-tech aramid sidewalls. Nokian aramid sidewall technology protects against wear, damage and cuts.

Aramid reinforces tyres and saves lives. These high-strength fibres also prove highly effective in the aviation and military industry. According to research, SUV tyres are most often damaged by impacts to the tyre sidewall. Typical scenarios include driving into potholes with low inflation pressure and parking too carelessly. Nokian Tyres is the first tyre manufacturer to use aramid in the sidewall. The new Nokian SUV summer tyres Nokian Line SUV and Nokian zLine SUV already incorporate the high-tech aramid for maximum safety.

Nokian Line SUV is test winner in Auto Bild allrad, Nokian zLine SUV is the outright test winner in OFF ROAD

The Nokian Line SUV is test winner in the SUV summer tyre test 2015 of the German car magazine Auto Bild allrad, achieving the top rating “exemplary” and also according to auto TEST. The Nokian zLine SUV is the test winner in OFF ROAD and is awarded the top rating “especially recommended”.The Nokian Line for passenger cars is test winner in the 2015 summer tyre tests of the German automobile club ADAC and of the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest. Being awarded the top rating “good”, it is highly recommended.

“Very good wet grip, short wet braking distance, balanced summer tyre” are the benefits for driver of the Nokian Line SUV summer tyre according to Auto Bild allrad. The tyre achieved top results in both the wet and off-road tests.“Overall rating 1” for Nokian zLine SUV is the top grade awarded by the German 4x4 magazine OFF ROAD for the test winner.“Strengths: The Nokian achieves top ratings for braking and handling on dry and wet surfaces.”“Dynamic handling, high steering precision, safe off-road capability, short wet braking distances” writes the German car magazine auto TEST in praise of the Nokian Line SUV. 

Nokian Tyres from Finland is actually best known for its outstanding winter tyres being the inventor of the winter tyre, world record holder and technology leader. However, the summer tyres of the premium brand Nokian also keep coming top in tests.

Pleasant driving comfort and sporty handling

The Nokian Line SUV summer tyre for versatile SUV use affords pleasant driving comfort, high performance and excellent wet grip on small and medium-sized SUVs. It simply runs and runs, being extremely hard-wearing thanks to its high-strength Nokian aramid sidewall technology. In the wet braking test, the Nokian Line SUV stops 3.4 m sooner, i.e. an SUV car length, than the premium competitors according to the test of Nokian Tyres. What is more, with fuel efficiency class B, this tyre uses less fuel; compared with premium competitors with fuel efficiency class F, motorists can save up to 430 euros in petrol.

The sporty Nokian zLine SUV summer tyre delivers precision handling, maximum durability, safety under extreme conditions and utmost driving pleasure for large SUVs. Its Nokian high-tech aramid sidewalls guarantee its exceptional durability. As this tyre has the best possible grip on wet roads, driving in the rain is safer.

“Drivers want to enjoy the power of their SUVs and also high performance coupled with a precise and comfortable driving feel”, says Product Development Manager Juha Pirhonen from Nokian Tyres.“The aramid fibre stiffens and reinforces the sidewall, allowing it to better withstand surprising impacts and cuts that can easily break the tyre and stop the car. 

The Nokian SUV summer tyres with Nokian Tyres Satisfaction are available from tyre retailers in various sizes from 15 to 22 inches also as complete wheels, on rims, for tyre changes.


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