Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS LS-2

A traction tire with excellent grip for demanding conditions

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Made in Finland

Designed in Finland

For demanding use

Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS LS-2 is a forestry machine traction tire with a strong traction bar and excellent grip. Durable special rubber compound and efficient steel fortification make it an excellent tire for skidders. The open-centre tread design cleans itself well. 

A high load-bearing capacity

Wide and efficient, Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS LS-2 tire has a high load-bearing capacity for today’s demands. 

For demanding use

The tread pattern of Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS LS-2 has been developed for even higher traction. The tire also has special cut and crack resistant compound and steel fortification against punctures. The tire has a very straight tread, which creates traction across the entire surface. 

Especially strong tire shoulders

Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS LS-2 has especially strong tire shoulders. The tire also features a design that prevents wood from penetrating between tire bead and rim flange.

Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS LS-2 - A traction tire with excellent grip for demanding conditions

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Technical specifications

28L-26 26 173A6/185A2 Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS LS-2 SF TL

LI / SSRecommended rimPermitted rimsTire widthTire diameterStatic loaded radiusTread depth
173A6 (185A2) DW25B - 741 mm29.2 in 1641 mm64.6 in 748 mm29.5 in 53 mm67/32 in
LI / SS 173A6 (185A2)
Recommended rim DW25B
Permitted rims -
Tire width 741 mm29.2 in
Tire diameter 1641 mm64.6 in
Static loaded radius 748 mm29.5 in
Tread depth 53 mm67/32 in
Rolling circumferenceSpeed radius indexMax inflation pressurePR
4945 mm194.7 in - 400 kPa58 psi 26
Rolling circumference 4945 mm194.7 in
Speed radius index -
Max inflation pressure 400 kPa58 psi
PR 26
Product code
Product code T445516

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Tire safety

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Technical manual

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