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Reach stacker tires

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The speed and flexibility of reach stackers have transformed the demanding task of handling heavy containers. The correct choice of tires enables your reach stackers to give their best performance while optimizing speed, tire service life and safety.

Reach stackers come in a variety of capacities, ranging from 10 tons to 80 tons. No matter the size of a reach stacker, the importance of specially designed tires for the needs of terminal work cannot be overstated. The typical challenges include excess tire heating due to high rolling resistance, swaying lifting capacity and uneven wear of the tire.  

Stability is the key

Container handling includes plenty of braking, accelerating, reaching and cornering with heavy loads. All these operations are quicker and more controlled if swaying and swinging of the reach stacker are kept to a minimum. Tires have a major effect on a reach stacker’s stability and can offer a steady, shock-absorbing platform for daily work.

The research done by Nokian Tyres has allowed us to optimize both the rubber compounds as well as tire structure for good stability. The Nokian Tyres HTS G2 series of tires offer excellent stability thanks to their bias structure and shock-absorbing carcass material.  

Minimize heat with the right tires

Another challenge in terminal work, particularly in hot climates, is tire heating. Excessive heat may shorten a tire's operating life and increase the risk of damage. Minimizing the rolling resistance of a reach stacker tire is possible with a good tread design. An advanced rubber compound, on the other hand, stops heat from building up while also saving energy.

Agile with heavy loads

A high tire operating pressure translates to stability and great load-bearing capacity. That’s why reach stacker tires by Nokian Tyres can withstand heavy loads under high operating pressure. Since working in busy terminals requires tight cornering, the tires of a reach stacker must be designed with good turning properties. The Nokian Tyres HTS G2 E-4 tire features supported blocks with chamfered edges, improving its turning properties.  

Slick or patterned tire?

Depending on the working conditions and environment, a reach stacker can have either slick or patterned tires. That’s why Nokian Tyres offers two versions of the latest generation harbor tire, Nokian Tyres HTS G2. The block-patterned Nokian Tyres HTS G2 E-4 boasts low heat build-up, good turning properties and long, predictable service life even in the most demanding harbor work.

The slick Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-4S features a deep, long-lasting solid tread that enables a long service life and excellent puncture resistance. Both versions of the HTS G2 feature an all-new carcass material that improves the stability of the tire’s flexing area, making terminal work safer and more efficient.  

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Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-5S

Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-5S

Diagonal (bias tire) Tread depth indicator Tubeless Damping
Reach stacker tire that is made to last
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Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-4S

Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-4S

Diagonal (bias tire) Tubeless Tread depth indicator Damping
Keeps the goods moving – efficiently and economically
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Nokian Tyres HTS G2 E-4

Nokian Tyres HTS G2 E-4

Diagonal (bias tire) Tubeless Tread depth indicator Damping
Keeps the goods moving – efficiently and economically
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Differences between a reach stacker and a forklift

When considering the tire options for your reach stackers and other industrial equipment, knowing the differences between your vehicles is crucial. We have clarified the differences between reach stackers and heavy forklifts to help you choose the best tire with optimal performance for your needs.  

Reach stacker

Reach stackers are commonly seen handling a diverse range of intermodal cargo containers, also known as shipping containers, in small and medium-sized ports or industrial areas. Reach stackers are usually seen in action for example moving varying equipment and loading or unloading trailers. Reach stackers are used on short distances and have greater flexibility than for example forklifts.

The strengths of these vehicles involve fast container handling and an ability to easily pile the containers on top of each other. A reach stacker also allows better utilization of storage spaces due to second-row access of containers and an improved reach depth. In other words, this means an ability to store the containers in deeper 4-deep stacks.  


Similar to the reach stacker, a forklift, also known as a lift truck, is an industrial vehicle meant for moving heavy loads and equipment over short distances. The heavy forklifts can be around 10 feet in length and are very powerful vehicles for heavy lift applications in construction sites, warehouses and industrial areas. The lifting capacity of forklifts is around 20 000 lbs to 30 000 lbs, or even more depending on the model, which is why a forklift is an adequate option for a heavy-duty job.

Get familiar with the different reach stacker tires for off-road use from Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual to navigate through your tire purchase. Find the right tire for your reach stacker and other heavy industrial equipment from Nokian Tyres and access optimal performance capacity in all conditions. Check out our tire selection for empty container handlers as well.