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An open challenge for Studentsacademicsstartups and other businesses to create a tire innovation to change the future.

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How do I apply?  

Enter the competition via the application form by submitting your or your teams’ details and presenting your idea briefly. You may also upload supporting documents to your idea eg. PDF or PowerPoint slides. 


Can I apply with more than one submission? 

You can apply with more than one submission, but you will have to enter them separately into the system with the same contact information since the submissions are evaluated independently. 


I have an idea, but I don’t have a way to test it, can I still apply with it?

Yes you can. The challenge promotes innovation of every kind, theoretical and practical, and from anyone regardless of if you are a student, a startup or even a Fortune 500 company. All submissions are equally valued. 


What are the prizes?

The winner of the competition will receive a monetary prize of 10,000€  and they will get the chance to work with the Nokian Tyres R&D team to make their innovation a part of a Nokian Tyres tire or with other development process suitable to their innovation.


Can the competition have more than one winner? 

The competition only has one winner, but Nokian Tyres has not limited the collaboration possibilities to only one company or group. If many feasible submissions are presented Nokian Tyres can start a partnership with more than one contestant. 


What will the finals event look like? 

The finals will be held in January 2023 at the greatest winter tire testing center in the world, White Hell in Ivalo, Finland. One member from each team will be invited to Lapland on our expense to present their idea to the grand jury from a car doing a lap on one of our test tracks. After that the grand jury will present their questions to the entire team. 


Does Nokian Tyres get to use my idea even if I don’t win the competition? 

No, your idea or innovation is secure with you and will be handled discreetly and safely. Nokian Tyres will not claim any ownership in your idea at any part of the competition.  


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