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eNewsletter 2/2009

Strong slush planing protection and lower fuel consumption with the green Nokian WR G2 and Nokian WR G2 SUV
Further improvements: shorter braking distance on wet road, higher aquaplaning protection and firmer snow grip. Three new sizes.

When choosing new winter tyres for your car

From the North. Nokian Tyres.
We all know that winners never blame the conditions. In deed, why blame them when you can beat them? Nokian WR G2 and the new Nokian WR G2 SUV are designed, tested and built in the North to handle to worst. You can even play golf in snow with the right gear. Winter golfing will be highlighted on Nokian Tyres web-pages and all the marketing materials available this fall.

Rolling resistance - Lighter rolling saves the environment and money
"Low rolling resistance" are magic words that are encountered increasingly often in tyre shops. What does this slogan mean? From the point of view of a driver who is in the process of choosing new tyres, a cheap tyre consumes large quantities of petrol, while a high-quality product is a more ecological option.

Nokian Tyres, proactive with REACH requirements
What are the consequences of the REACH regulation in the tyre industry?

Test drivers Hannu Kossi and Tomi Varis - guardians of safety at the wheel and on the track
The job of test-driver is the sexiest and wildest at the tyre plant. Fact or fiction?

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