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Bulletin 19 September 2005


Nokian Tyres will expand its popular Noktop 41 product family with a new studdable retreading tread that offers superior grip in icy winter conditions. Studding can improve tyre grip on slippery ice by more than 20% compared to unstudded treads.

Intended for buses and timber, container and goods transportation, Nokian Noktop 41 Stud is a safe and environmentally friendly product. It is manufactured from HA oil-free rubber compounds developed for Nordic conditions.

Correct stud positioning ensures excellent grip

Nokian Noktop 41 Stud features the Eco Stud hole familiar from the company's Hakkapeliitta tyres. The Eco Stud System developed by Nokian Tyres offers more safe kilometres on the road than traditional stud technology. The pre-shaped stud hole tightly secures the studs, thus decreasing road wear and reducing stud noise.

Nokian Noktop 41 Stud is easy to stud. Studs are placed in six rows, which leads to minimal slipping on ice. The recommended stud type is a dual-flange 15/11 or 15/12-mm stud. A single tread has 150 studs.

Nokian Noktop 41 Stud has an arrow-shaped tread design, which improves traction and braking grip and increases grip in snow. The V-shaped grooves clean easily and minimise tyre noise.

Nokian Noktop 41 Stud also has a Driving Safety Indicator (DSI), which displays the tread's groove depth so that the driver can immediately see how many millimetres of tread depth are left.

Available this autumn

Nokian Noktop 41 Stud boosts the core area of Nokian Tyres' retreading materials, which is winter traction treads for Nordic conditions.

Product deliveries will start in autumn 2005 and will include the most common widths of 240, 250 and 260 millimetres.

For further information, please contact: Nokian Tyres plc

Ari Maunula, Marketing Manager, Retreading Operations and Truck Tyres
Tel. +358 3 340 7521, [email protected]

Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager, Retreading Operations and Truck Tyres
Tel. +358 3 340 7709, [email protected]