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PRESS RELEASE 27.10. 2000


Nokian Tyres introduces a new member of its modern van tyre family. The Nokian NRC2 is a summer tyre designed for safety in northern spring, summer and autumn driving conditions. The new tyre is designed for vans and minivans that are becoming more and more popular as taxicabs, for example.
Seasonal changes and driving conditions emphasise safety, economy and driving comfort, which are the winning features of this versatile summer tyre. On coarse spring roads, the Nokian NRC2 is quiet and wear-resistant. The new tread pattern and rubber compound have enabled the wear-resistance properties of the Nokian NRC2 to be enhanced by almost 10% since its predecessor. Its' tread profile is 10% wider than that of its predecessor, which results in improved wear-resistance and economy.

The Nokian NRC2 is designed for higher speeds as well. Excellent driving and handling properties give it passenger-car like comfort on summer roads and its low rolling resistance means lower fuel consumption. The aquaplaning prevention and wet grip properties of the Nokian NRC2 add to its safety on wet roads and in autumn.

Thanks to its strong construction, it lasts for years and years. The new innovative steel cord construction is up to 40% stronger than previous tyres and it endures several retreadings.

The new wear-resistant and gripping tread pattern gives the Nokian NRC2 an elegant and modern look. The tread includes a driving safety indicator that displays the tread groove depth and enables monitoring of its safety and condition. Reinforced sides protect the tyre from abrasion.

Most of the Nokian NRC2 tyres are S rated (180 km/h or 112 mph) and one special size, the 205/65 R 15 C, is T rated (190 km/h or 118 mph).

The product will be launched in the spring of 2001.

The Nokian NR van tyre is also available in light truck (LT) sizes for pickups and sports trucks.

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