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Nokian Tyres is expanding its urban SUV tyre range with high-performance summer tyres. The Nokian NRVi SUV was designed to meet the preferences and requirements of European consumers with a touch of Nordic competence: knowledge and control of challenging extreme conditions. The result is a top-of-the-range product with a focus on safety and driving comfort.

The tyre is manufactured for the V (240 km/h) and W (270 km/h) speed categories. The new tyre will be launched in 2004 and directed at customers in Europe, the Nordic countries, Russia and the USA.

Four wheel vehicles and city SUVs are becoming increasingly popular. Sales of SUV tyres designed for SUVs (sports utility vehicle) and four-wheel drives have grown steadily over the past five years. In 1998 the number of SUV tyres sold in Europe was 2.5 million. Last year (2002), the sales volumes had doubled to 5 million tyres, not including sales in Russia (source: Europool).

Special tyre made to order

Large vehicles require structurally strong tyres capable of bearing heavy loads. Powerful SUVs are capable of high speeds, which sets high requirements on the tyres. Their driving response must be precise and they must bear heavy loads, perform at extreme speeds and be safe.

Drivers also require a similar degree of comfort and silence as with passenger car tyres.
SUV owners also value a stylish appearance: handsome rims combined with good-looking tyres. The development of the Nokian NRVi SUV aimed at achieving a measured balance between driving comfort and safety.

The tyre design focused on creating a tyre that rolls lightly on asphalt and sandy roads alike, a tyre that performs reliably and without surprise even in difficult conditions. In a heavy vehicle, the tyres must give the driver an accurate and secure road response. The driver must feel in full control of the car even in sharp bends and sudden steering motions.

Reliability and comfort for demanding driving

Comprehensive driving tests conducted in Central Europe and competitor comparisons show that NRVi SUV gives excellent performance even in extreme conditions. The tyre’s new full silica compound has been optimised for large and heavy vehicles. The tread compound gives the tyre excellent wet grip properties, which markedly improve driving safety.

The modern tread pattern resembles that of the Nokian V speed category passenger car tyre.
Thanks to the asymmetrical fan pattern in the central area, the tyre rolls well and reacts without delay. The tyre’s shoulder areas have been angled to form an S. The S-geometric tread design evens out the load on the shoulder area, which is ideal for large vehicles and a high load index. This solution ensures even tyre wear. All sizes are rated in the load category XL.

The Nokian NRVi Suv is directional - the rotation of direction is predefined - which effectively prevents aquaplaning. The tyre touches the road with precision and softness, thanks to which braking performance improves and the tyre lasts long.

The Nokian NRVi SUV is a silent tyre. The new groove design dampens tyre noise. Circumferential platforms in the bottom of the main grooves and small cavities in the tread block substantially dampen tyre noise. The pass-by noise and inside (cabin??) noise is low and its tone is agreeable.

Thanks to the redesigned structure of the bead area, the tyre is easy to mount. A sealing ring protects the area between the tyre and the rim from impurities. The brand new, improved doubled rimguard prevents damage to the rim when parking too close to the pavement edge, for example.

The info field on the sidewall is useful for noting down the correct tyre pressure and a reminder on where the tyre was mounted. The Driving Safety Indicator in the tyre’s central area indicates the depth of the main grooves in millimetres. The tyre is safe when the remaining groove depth is at least 4 mm.

For further information, please contact: Nokian Tyres plc

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Nokian NRVi SUV product presentation