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Bulletin 5 / 2001


The co-operation agreement between Nokian Tyres and Michelin has now resulted in the first commercially available product. The first batch of Nokian brand tractor tyres has been manufactured at the modern French-owned and managed tyre factory in Stomil Olsztyn, Poland. At Nokian Tyres, off-take manufacturing is primarily used to free up capacity for manufacture of core competence products through off-take manufacturing of reliable, high-quality, basic products.

In tractor tyres, the division is clear: special agricultural, forestry and construction tyres are manufactured at the Nokia factory in Finland and it is mainly basic agricultural tyres that are manufactured elsewhere.

Modern machines require flawless tyres
During recent years, Nokian Tyres has systematically developed its special tractor tyre product range. Increasingly powerful, faster and more effective machinery and equipment place high demands on tyres. The driving response of different tractors has changed dramatically. Their driving qualities are becoming increasingly similar to cars, and possible shortcomings or actual defects in tyres really are noticeable.

Advanced tractors require high and even quality tyres with exact proportions. In addition, the tyres always need to be perfectly round.

Present-day tractors weigh more than in years gone by and their average speeds are higher. Consequently, their load-bearing capacity and speed rating criteria are tougher. Additionally, due to higher speeds, the tyres need to be more wear-resistant.

In farming, rental of land has become increasingly popular, which has made transportation distances longer as farmers need to drive between different locations. In forestry, the machines are also transported from one site to another. Tractor tyres need to perform flawlessly and provide equal comfort on hard roads, slippery fields and uneven forest terrain.

Different tyres for different tasks and environments
Tractors for forestry, farming and earthworks have different properties and tyres for different purposes need to have special qualities to match the different uses as well as the constantly changing and demanding conditions. Nokian Tyres' tractor tyre range includes several special tyres designed to meet the demands of different environments and tasks. All Nokian brand special tractor tyres are manufactured at the Nokian factory in Nokia, Finland.

Reliable tyres for agricultural tractors
The Nokian Tractor Radial is the first Nokian brand tractor tyre to be manufactured at the Michelin-owned Stomil Olsztyn factory in Poland. The Nokian Tractor Radial is a reliable general-purpose farming tyre with great traction properties. The tread design gives it excellent driving qualities for road transportation. The tyre comes in 10 main sizes.

The Nokian Tractor Radial 65 range of tyres applies advanced technology to meet today's high demands. The wide, low-profile tyre with low contact pressure rolls smoothly on the surface and delivers great traction on slippery clay soil in fields.
The tread has good self-cleaning properties that provide great grip even in the toughest of conditions. The Nokian Tractor Radial 65 range comes in six sizes.

Versatile workhorses
The Nokian Tractor Forest tyres are designed and manufactured applying Nokian Tyres' superb expertise in forestry tyres. The puncture-protected forestry tractor tyre is particularly strong and has excellent load-bearing capacity.

The Nokian TR Forest Multiplus is a great choice for a wide variety of tasks. It is equally at home in fields, forests, earthworks as well as when used for hauling and transportation.
A steel belt package reinforces the puncture-resistant tyre carcass. The carefully selected particularly strong rubber compound and open tread design give the tyre unique traction and grip. The Nokian TR Forest Multiplus has excellent traction capabilities even on difficult terrain.
The tubeless Nokian TR Forest Multiplus does not disturb the ground. The speed rating of the tyre is 65 km/h.

The first Nokian TRI industrial tyre was launched back in the mid-1980's. The current model is manufactured using the latest technology and product development innovations. Tests and experience show that the Nokian TRI lasts three times longer than its competitors.
Its driving comfort resembles that of car tyres, it is suitable for longer road transportation and it delivers impressive grip and load-bearing capability. The angular tread pattern gives it 15% better grip on hard-packed snow than traditional tyres. The speed rating of the tyre is 65 km/h.

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