Agricultural tires - High-quality tires for agricultural contracting

Agricultural tires - High-quality tires for agricultural contracting

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Getting the most out of your machinery investments and working days is the key to competitive advantage. For agricultural contracting, tractors and trailers are versatile general tools – and with optimal agricultural tires, they’ll go a long way.

The current trend in agricultural contracting is towards a broader range of works – both around the farm and on remote sites. To cope with the various kinds of farming work, possible municipal contracting and seasonally varying jobs, both the tractor and trailer must be as versatile as possible. Here, good quality contracting agricultural tires go a long way. Also compact loaders and other machinery benefit from specialized contracting tires.

Tractor contracting tires for road transfers

If your work involves much road transport, a block-patterned tractor tire can dramatically increase your productivity. While the traditional lug pattern works well on the field, it often suffers from vibrations and premature wear on the road. The Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI and Nokian Tyres TRI 2 tractor tires offer a clear advantage if you spend more time on the road than on the field.

If you are looking for the best possible grip on soft terrain, Nokian Tyres Ground King is a multi-use agricultural tire that features Hybrilug™ technology. Hybrilug™ is a clever combination of the best properties of lug and block tire patterns. This makes the Ground King a versatile agricultural tire both on and off the road. It offers you good road properties without compromising the soft terrain mobility.

Trailer tires for road transfers

Your trailer tires should be chosen according to their primary use as well. Nokian Tyres Country King is a tried and trusted, sturdy flotation tire  for general use in farming and road construction. It is a heavy tire with a block pattern for smooth road transits and long operating life on hard surfaces. If your work involves more hours on soft fields, the lug patterned Nokian Tyres ELS flotation tire has excellent mobility, durability, and self-cleaning properties.

Tipping trailers

Earthmoving and municipal work often involves transporting heavy loads of rock, sand, or soil. This requires greater load capacity from the tires and durability under a heavy load. Nokian Tyres CT is a heavy-duty flotation tire for the heaviest of loads and the biggest tipping trailers. The tire’s fortification with multiple steel cord layers provides stability and durability under great weights.

Compact machine tires with minimal soil compaction

Compact machines such as compact loaders are economical and agile. With agricultural tires, such as the block-patterned Nokian Tyres TRI 2, the road properties of agricultural machinery can be improved further. The right choice of an agricultural tire helps improve soil-friendliness by reducing soil compaction under the weight of heavy machinery. The Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI winter tractor tire offers similar road properties with excellent winter grip.

Farm tire for winter contracting

In snowy regions, winter contracting often involves the use of chains on tractor tires. Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI is a block-patterned winter tractor tire that offers excellent grip on snow and ice. Its efficient siping and special rubber compound enable confident handling on snow and ice while maintaining good summer properties as well. For ultimate winter grip and enhanced safety on the road, Hakkapeliitta TRI tires can be studded.

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Nokian Tyres ELS

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Durability and improved traction with quality farm tires

The different jobs around the farm call for specialized agricultural tires that do not let you down even in the most challenging of conditions. A high-quality farm tire can reduce soil compaction, making driving less damaging for the soil and crops. On top of that, a meticulously designed agricultural tire is economical and environmentally friendly thanks to its low fuel consumption.

With a wide range of agricultural tires, Nokian Tyres is the choice when looking for heavy tires designed for specialty applications around the farm. With decades of experience in tires, the selection of heavy specialized tires is not limited to solely tires for agricultural work. From Nokian Tyres, you can find the right tires to fit the job, whether off-road in the forest or on the road transporting people.