Tractor tires - Make the right choice

Tractor tires - Make the right choice

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The tractor is at the heart of many farming and contracting tasks. Over the years, agricultural tractors have evolved from simple towing machines to versatile, comfortable multi-use tractors. The right choice of farm tractor tires can have a major impact on performance and work efficiency.



Block-patterned rear and front tractor tires have many advantages. They offer comfort and car-like handling on the road. For example, the Nokian Tyres TRI 2 tractor tire is an excellent choice for work involving plenty of road use. On soft and slippery fieldwork, on the other hand, the lug pattern has traditionally been unmatched. The new Nokian Tyres Ground King is a tractor tire that effectively combines the best properties of lug and block pattern tires. It excels in fieldwork while being capable of road transport as well.

tractor tires for more weight and power

A modern tractor can easily weigh over 10 tons, especially with heavy work attachments such as a loader or a backhoe loader. This sets special demands on tractor tires. The radial, block-patterned Nokian Tyres TRI 2 is a large tractor tire that can carry high weights with minimal soil compression. For real heavy-weight earthmoving and forestry work, the Nokian Tyres Tractor King has a full-fledged earthmoving tire carcass to make it incredibly sturdy and puncture-resistant.

tractor snow tires for winter contracting

Many tractors are used for snow-clearing and plowing work during the winter. Good grip and stability without chains are desirable qualities of a reliable tractor winter tire, as well as the ability for fast road speeds. A real champion of tractor winter tires is Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI, a tractor snow tire that provides a great grip even on snow and ice. In addition to the tire’s superior qualities as a tractor winter tire, it has good summer properties and the ability to maintain road speeds comfortably. 


If your work involves many road transports, the block-patterned tractor tires can drastically increase your productivity by making the transfers faster, more comfortable, and controlled. Nokian Tyres TRI 2 and Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI tractor tires are hard to beat in this respect.

When you need ultimate grip and self-cleaning on soft fields or wet and muddy soil, the Nokian Tyres Ground King HybrilugTM tractor tire does not pale in comparison. Its innovative pattern design unlocks the potential versatility of modern tractors, making it a great tractor tire both in the field and on the road.

4 tires matching your selection

Nokian Tyres Ground King

Nokian Tyres Ground King

Radial Tubeless Steel belted Studdable Mud snow Hybrilug Comfort Stability
A crossover tire for mixed agricultural work
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Nokian Tyres TRI 2

Nokian Tyres TRI 2

Radial Tubeless Studdable Mud snow Comfort Stability Steel belted
Reliable performance all year round
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Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta TRI

Radial Tubeless Steel belted Studdable Mud snow Snowflake Comfort Stability
Precise control and great efficiency
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Nokian Tyres ELS

Nokian Tyres ELS

Radial Tubeless Steel belted
Light touch for the environment
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Different types of tractor tires

There are generally three different types of tires for your tractor. The different types are commonly known as R1, R3 and R4 -tires. It is essential to know the differences between them in order to find the perfect tire for your needs.


The R1-tires are usually categorized as agricultural tractor tires, also known as ag tires, due to their beneficial features specifically for fieldwork. R1-tires excel at labor that includes pushing and pulling. This is a farm tire with improved traction to ensure a smooth ride even in loose dirt. The directional lug placement of the tire’s tread reduces soil compaction and enables secure and excellent traction in all field conditions and off-road surroundings. However, R1-tires may not suit lawn usage due to their deep patterning, leaving an imprint on the ground rather than invisibly “floating” on top of it.


In contrast to the R1-tire, the R3-tire type is suitable for lawns and can for example be used on golf carts. Depending on your type of farmwork, this tire can be suitable in a context where you want minimal ground disturbance. Hence, R3-tires have the lowest traction due to the lug placement of the optimal tread design and have the best flotation of the three types of tractor tires. Because of their low traction, R3-tires should preferably be used in dry weather to avoid slippering. For improved wet traction, consider tires of the R1-type.


The R4-tire can be placed somewhere between the aggressively patterned R1-tires and the smoother R3-tires. Due to the semi-aggressive tread design, these tires adapt to a wider range of use and are considered the most versatile tractor tire for today’s compact tractors. If you, for example, have a lot of gravel or muddy surfaces and need to move feed or plow snow on your farm, these may be the preferred tires for your purpose. The R4-tires are made of rough rubber material for extended tire life and increased load durability.  Get familiar with the entire selection of heavy agricultural tires by Nokian Tyres. Make sure to download the technical tire manual and find the correct tire for your tractor and other machines on the farm.