Skidder tires for demanding conditions

Skidder tires for demanding conditions

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Full-tree logging with a skidder sets high demands for tires. The core features of a skidder tire include high load-bearing capacity, traction on wet and muddy surfaces, and strong puncture-resistance. The work gets done safely and on time only with a skidder tire with the right features.

Typically, forestry work is done either with cut-to-length (CTL) machines or skidders for full-tree method. Nokian Tyres has been making premium CTL tires for decades, gaining a reputation as a forestry tire specialist – now also with skidder tires. Later, the years of technical know-how were used to create the ultimate tire for skidder work, Nokian Tyres Logger King LS-2

Performance with or without tracks

The full-tree method used in skidding work sets special demands on forestry tires. The Logger King LS-2 skidder tire performs with or without tracks and includes several next-generation features to speed up the daily work. Working with forestry equipment requires excellent traction and durability against punctures, and the Logger King LS-2 is a skidder tire that rises to the occasion.

Skidder tires with tested durability and long service life

The Nokian Tyres Logger King LS-2 skidder tire has ultra-durable, high-strength multi-layer textile carcass and wide steel breakers as well as a high groove bottom on the shoulder area. This provides more support to track paws and protects the tire from damage. The special rubber compound in the bead area minimizes the possibility of wheel slip.

Special forestry tires made for on-site tire replacement

When working on distant sites, it is practical if the skidder tire can be mounted on-site. For that purpose, the Nokian Tyres Logger King LS-2 tire features a unique single wire bead construction that enables easier tire mounting even on-site and in challenging environments.

This skidder tire grips on mud and wet surfaces

The forest is not always the same. Seasons and weather conditions vary. There are many uses for skidders as well: they can be used for pulling tree stumps, pushing over small trees, and grading a logging path, which is often called a skid road. This sets high standards for skidder tires that should provide superior track grip even in demanding conditions. Excellent load-bearing capacity, often called load range or ply rating (PR), is a vital feature of a special forestry tire, such as one used on a skidder.

To match the challenge the Logger King LS-2 log skidder tires have been engineered to have excellent grip even on mud and wet surfaces. An aggressive tread design, load range and self-cleaning properties make it a trusted and recommended skidder tire for the most challenging forestry applications. 

Tires for 4-wheel and 6-wheel skidders

Although 4-wheel skidders are more common, 6-wheel skidders are another skidder tire type used by forestry professionals. Nokian Tyres Logger King LS-2 is a great log skidder tire, not only for 4-wheel skidders but also for 6-wheel skidders when used in front axels. A good choice for tires behind it is the Nokian Tyres Forest King F2 or Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS 2 forestry tire.

Skidding work and working with forestry machines sets special challenges that call for a sturdy forestry tire. Wherever forestry equipment and machinery are used, Nokian Tyres offers a comprehensive selection of trusted and tested skidder tires. Nokian Tyres skidder tires are proven to perform even in the most demanding conditions.  

3 tires matching your selection

Nokian Tyres Logger King LS-2

Nokian Tyres Logger King LS-2

Diagonal (bias tire) Tubeless Steel fortified Cut and crack resistant Puncture protection Chain use Track use
The ultimate workhorse for the full-tree forestry work
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Nokian Tyres Forest King T

Nokian Tyres Forest King T

Diagonal (bias tire) Tube type Steel fortified Cut and crack resistant Puncture protection Chain use Studdable
Heavyweight professional
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Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS LS-2

Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS LS-2

Cut and crack resistant Chain use Diagonal (bias tire) Puncture protection Steel fortified Tubeless
A traction tire with excellent grip for demanding conditions
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A sturdy forestry tire gets the job done

Skidder tires need to withstand even the harshest conditions of the forest as well as the heavy load of large forestry machinery. The features of a high-quality skidder tire includes:
  • Durability and ability to endure stabs and beating
  • Excellent traction and grip ensured by a specialized rubber compound
  • Self Cleaning properties
  • Long service life even in heavy forestry applications
  • Minimized risk of rim slip even on soft and ground
  • Fortified construction to ensure good puncture resistance
With these qualities, the Nokian Tyres Logger King LS-2 and Nokian Tyres Forest King F2 make for the ultimate skidder tires for heavy forestry work.
Due to Nokian Tyres’ years worth of expertise in heavy forestry tires, the selection of tires includes not only high-quality skidder tires but also tires for harvesters, forwarders and other forestry tractors. Choose the right tire to make sure that the work gets done even when the conditions are rough. Our technical tire manual contains all the information you need to find the right skidder tires and tire sizes.