Tires for empty container handlers

Tires for empty container handlers

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Empty container handlers are an important link in the logistics chain. Like all terminal machinery, they must endure long, fast-paced working shifts efficiently and economically, with as little downtime as possible. With well-selected tires, your empty container handlers give their best performance in all conditions.

Like reach stackers and forklifts, empty handler containers need to be fast and maneuverable to cope with today’s demands for low throughput times and cost per unit. What’s more, they must be stable, as any extra swinging slows down the work and reduces loading accuracy. Besides the machine itself, the choice of tires has a significant effect on these characteristics.  

Agility at work

Tight cornering on hard surfaces can cause empty container handler tires to overheat – especially in warm climates. This can reduce tire service life or, even worse, cause sudden tire damage, making the wrong tires a safety hazard at work. For empty container handlers, the tires must be designed with a low heat build-up in mind to prevent the adverse effects caused by cornering.

Representing the latest generation of the Nokian Tyres HTS harbor tires, the block-patterned Nokian Tyres HTS G2 E-4 is made with the demands of terminal work in mind. Designed for reach stackers, forklifts, log stackers and empty container handlers, its groove pattern has chamfered block edges for sharp cornering.

The low heat build-up of Nokian Tyres HTS G2 E-4 enables long working days and record-breaking operating hours even in hot climates. What’s more, the reduced rolling resistance translates to lower fuel consumption. Therefore, choosing the right tires for empty container handlers can help save on fuel costs and improve overall efficiency.  

Predictable tire management

Unscheduled service breaks are never welcome. That’s why a long, predictable and uniform service life is an essential feature of a reliable empty container handler tire. With their thick, sturdy rubber, both the patterned Nokian Tyres HTS G2 E-4 and the slick Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-4S boast an exceptionally long service life with little variation between tire specimens. This makes managing your tires more predictable. What’s more, the puncture resistance of both tires is top class.

Stability for faster, safer work

Tire stability can have a major impact on working safety and efficiency. Waiting for a swinging container to settle eats up precious seconds. A stable tire means more predictable and safer container handling. Nokian Tyres HTS G2 tires have a stable bias structure and special shock-absorbing rubber compound for making empty container handling safer and more efficient.  

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Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-4S

Nokian Tyres HTS G2 L-4S

Diagonal (bias tire) Tubeless Tread depth indicator Damping
Keeps the goods moving – efficiently and economically
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Nokian Tyres HTS G2 E-4

Nokian Tyres HTS G2 E-4

Diagonal (bias tire) Tubeless Tread depth indicator Damping
Keeps the goods moving – efficiently and economically
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Choose the right empty container handler tires

To choose the perfect tire for your machine, look at least for the following features of a reliable and durable tire:

  • Easy maintenance thanks to predictable tire life
  • Low heat build-up
  • Long and reliable service-life
  • Fuel saving capacity when paired with the right vehicle
  • High puncture resistance
  • Stability for increased safety in your work

Get familiar with empty container handler tires from Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual. Find top-quality tires for your industrial off-road equipment from Nokian Tyres and reach optimal performance. For other machines handling containers in port and terminal use, see our selection of RTG crane tires