Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta C4

Studded premium winter tire for vans and RVs

Transport or travel and enjoy the winter. Our new van and delivery vehicle tires, developed for demanding and versatile winter use, make everyday life easier for professionals and bring peace of mind to drivers of recreational vehicles.

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How to check your tire size

The size that fits your car is specified as a series of numbers and letters, for example, 205/55 R 16 94 V XL. You can check the right size from the sidewalls of your current tires or your car's registration document.

  1. Width e.g. 205
  2. Height e.g. 55
  3. Rim e.g. 16

Stainless winter grip

The Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta® C4 studded tire masters all of the elements of winter. The state-of-the-art stainless steel square stud ensures controlled, Hakkapeliitta-like handling and supreme grip on both ice and snow.

  • Unique grip on ice and snow – stainless steel square studs offer grip and durability
  • Precise, balanced, and stable even under heavy loads
  • Better mileage, Aramid-reinforced sidewalls offer additional durability even for heavy-duty use
Officially approved for winter use
Officially approved for winter use
Also suitable for EV cars
Also suitable for EV cars
Hakkapeliitta C4

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Tyre sizes

185/65 R 15 C 97/95R

max load 730 kg, up to 170 km/h

195/70 R 15 C 104/102R

max load 900 kg, up to 170 km/h

205/70 R 15 C 106/104R

max load 950 kg, up to 170 km/h

215/65 R 15 C 104/102R

max load 900 kg, up to 170 km/h


The right tire choice can improve the car's safety and driving comfort and increase its operating range even further. Our comprehensive product range of over 400 tires offers unique grip and Scandinavian peace of mind. We have high-quality winter and summer tires especially developed and tested for use on electric cars.

Balanced ride

The excellent, balanced grip of the sturdy Hakkapeliitta C4 is ensured by state-of-the-art stud technology from the world's northernmost tire. For heavy vans in particular, maximizing lateral grip is important in order to retain control of the high-performance vehicle during sudden evasions and braking. The square stud made of stainless steel grips firmly and will last even as the kilometers add up. The new stud is more resistant to corrosion and wear caused by salted roads and moisture. Safe winter grip is also helped by the increased number of studs and the various sipe depths and sizes on the tread blocks.

Stable and durable in any weather

Goods and people need to be able to move reliably and safely all year long. The easy to control new tread model can safely overcome black ice, water, and slush alike. The different tread block sizes and the firm, arrow-like design of the center area, complete with supporting ribs, offer much-needed grip and stability when they are needed the most. Computer-optimized stud distribution also allows for lower rolling noise, as the impact waves of individual studs will not amplify each other. The noise level remains comfortably low, thereby improving driving comfort on long trips in particular.

Durability and efficiency for professionals and travellers

Vans and RVs demand a lot from tires. The vehicles are heavy and they are commonly driven fully loaded on poor road surfaces and along gravel roads full of potholes. Life is made easier for the hard-working professionals and travellers by the balanced handling and top-class durability. The durability of the new product is maximized thanks to Nokian Tyres’ unique Aramid Sidewall technology that protects against impacts and cuts, a sturdy frame structure, and a strong rubber compound that utilizes the latest in compound technology.

Excellent grip on ice and snow

Made of stainless steel, the modern durable square stud ensures excellent grip as the kilometers add up. The studs have several edges for maximizing the area of contact both for longitudinal and lateral direction in turn improving the grip of the studs on slippery roads.

Comfortable rolling noise

Optimized stud placement keeps tire noise comfortably low, improving driving comfort at highway speeds in particular.

More grip on snow

Snow Grip Booster. Cuts on both sides of the middle blocks in the center area tread provide more sharp edges for improved snow grip in both the longitudinal and lateral directions.



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A premium tire saves fuel, is produced in an environmentally safe way, reduces road wear and noise – and looks good. Tough driving conditions won’t surprise even in summer when you rely on safe and durable Nokian Tyres summer range.



Sustainability is an essential part of our business. Both safety and eco-friendliness are considered throughout the tire’s entire life cycle. As with all our products, the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta C4 is developed with sustainability in mind.