Transport or travel and enjoy the winter. Our new van and delivery vehicle tires, developed for demanding and versatile winter use, make everyday life easier for professionals and bring peace of mind to drivers of recreational vehicles.

Stable handling, comfortably quiet

The new Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta® CR4 Nordic non-studded tire, designed for versatile use on delivery vehicles and vans, offers reliability as well as quiet and light rolling for snowstorms and sudden below-zero temperatures that make roads slippery. The van operator's peace of mind is built on the new MultiTouch tread model that ensures first-class winter grip as well as more precise and comfortable handling.

  • Easy and reliable handling in any winter weather
  • Silent, will carry even heavy loads while saving fuel
  • Excellent wear resistance, Aramid reinforced sidewalls protect against impacts and cuts
Officially approved for winter use
Officially approved for winter use
Hakkapeliitta CR4

Reliable handling

RV and van drivers on the road in the Northern winter want their non-studded tires to offer safety and ease of driving, but also quiet rolling, fuel efficiency, and good durability. Hakkapeliitta CR4 adapts to sudden changes in the Northern winter. The large, jagged tread blocks have dense sipes, which the driver can sense as improved grip when accelerating on icy roads as well as in high-speed cornering in heavy snowfall.

Driving comfort and peace of mind

The large tread blocks and sturdy, heavily siped tread pattern of the robust Hakkapeliitta CR4 work together with its flexible rubber compound designed for low temperatures to reduce any jolts and bumps from the ruts and potholes on poorly maintained roads. Rolling noise remains quiet and comfortable on different surfaces.

Durability and efficiency for professionals and travellers

Vans and RVs demand a lot from tires. The vehicles are heavy and they are commonly driven fully loaded on poor road surfaces and along gravel roads full of potholes. Life is made easier for the hard-working professionals and travellers by the balanced handling and top-class durability. The durability of the new product is maximized thanks to Nokian Tyres’ unique Aramid Sidewall technology that protects against impacts and cuts, a sturdy frame structure, and a strong rubber compound that utilizes the latest in compound technology.

Balanced grip and handling

MultiTouch tread model.The faceted tread blocks and dense siping improve handling on icy, snowy, and wet roads. The large, open grooves accelerate the removal of slush and water, efficiently preventing slushplaning and aquaplaning.

Winter safety, driving comfort, and eco-friendliness

Hakkapeliitta CR4 rubber compound. The non-studded tire rubber compound designed for van use works safely across a wide temperature range and lowers rolling resistance, which can be seen in your fuel bill and reduces the strain on the environment. Dampens the jolts from ruts and potholes on poorly maintained roads. Rolling noise remains quiet and comfortable on different surfaces.

Efficient grip on ice and snow

Sipe Activators.The already well-proven Sipe Activators can be found on both the shoulder area and the center of the tread. Sipe Activators ensure driving safety under rapidly changing conditions, as a wider sipe activates a narrower one for added grip in extreme conditions.

Better braking grip on snow

Brake Boosters. The serrated pattern of the Brake Boosters on the front and rear parts of the tread blocks improve acceleration and braking grip on snow.



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A premium tire saves fuel, is produced in an environmentally safe way, reduces road wear and noise – and looks good. Tough driving conditions won’t surprise even in summer when you rely on safe and durable Nokian Tyres summer range.



Sustainability is an essential part of our business. Both safety and eco-friendliness are considered throughout the tire’s entire life cycle. As with all our products, the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta CR4 is developed with sustainability in mind.