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Unique safety from the world-leading winter tire manufacturer

New Nokian WR All-Weather Tires – Forget the Forecast

The new Nokian WR All-Weather tires offer a virtuoso combination of safety and carefree driving pleasure for every season. This advanced new-generation tire family is a reflection of Nokian Tyres' work at its best: WR G3 is designed for different vehicles and drivers, but for any weather. These environmentally friendly premium products feature nanotechnology, canola oil and the solid winter expertise of Nokian Tyres, which guarantee their reliable functionality in the typically varying weather conditions of North America. While the seasons may change, your choice of all-weather tires remains the same: Nokian WR G3.

Extreme weather-related phenomena have become increasingly common, and this has opened drivers' eyes to appreciating the safety of high quality tires. North America in particular has experienced varying types of weather this winter, from pouring rain to heavy snowfall. In response to this, the long-term product development work on the new All-Weather tire family focused on achieving relentless grip in all conditions and an accurate, comfortable driving response that is reliable without surprises.

"We utilized our top expertise and knowledge of all types of weather conditions. Thanks to nanotechnology, new materials and innovations, as well as our modern production technology, we are able to provide drivers with tires that have first-class grip and handling properties," explains Juha Pirhonen, Nokian Tyres' Vice President, R&D.

Computer models to illustrate the Nokian WR tires' function and thorough laboratory work that focused on rubber compounds led to unique solutions. The extensive research efforts were complemented by uncompromising tests in arctic conditions at Nokian Tyres' test center in Ivalo, 300 kilometers (200 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. In addition to winter testing, the products were fine-tuned at several test tracks in Central Europe. The test track in Nokia, Finland, features a unique slush planing test method that allowed advancement of the tires' outstanding slush properties. The final, premium safety concept was achieved as the result of close cooperation between development teams and test drivers.

Nokian WR G3 All-Weather for safe, reliable use year round

Targeted at the North American premium touring tire market, Nokian Tyres' newest tire family was designed without compromise. The family comprises tires with two different tread patterns to aptly fulfill the needs of different size categories. In a fashion typical of custom design, the rubber compounds and structures were also designed to suit varying weather conditions and different driving styles, while maintaining wear properties that allow the tire to be used year round in areas where winter conditions may be mild or uncertain.

The Nokian WR G3 tread pattern is, for most sizes, an optimized design with an asymmetrical pattern, ideal for mid-sized sedans, minivans, as well as larger and more powerful vehicles with a special emphasis placed on the tire's sensitive driving response, even at higher speeds. There are also 6 sizes in the Nokian WR G3 available with an arrow-shaped tread pattern; a durable alternative for smaller family cars and drivers who value safe, economic driving.

Cryogenic Canola Compound for extreme ice, snow and wet grip

The new tires' tread rubber compound, the Cryogenic Canola Compound, is a novel combination of natural rubber, silica and canola oil that enhances winter grip, wet grip and wear resistance in varying temperatures.

The new type of silica compound contains Cryo silane, which enhances the functionality of the rubber mix. Canola oil provides higher resistance to tearing and improves ice and snow grip. Thanks to this unique combination, the environmentally friendly Nokian WR tires feature a very low rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption and fewer harmful emissions than their traditional competitors.

The Nokian WR is green at heart, and it exemplifies Nokian Tyres' principle of sustainable development: its properties remain nearly unchanged even upon aging and wear.

Nokian WR G3: Nanobase for optimal stability

Superior contact with the surface is a basic characteristic of a reliable, safe tire. At the same time, the continuously increasing engine power rates and load indexes require special properties from tires. The tread design, structural solutions and tread rubber compound must form a sturdy yet responsive entity.

Nokian Tyres' tests have shown that an asymmetrical, open-center tread pattern is the best solution, especially for tires used at high speeds. The sporty Nokian WR G3 features, in most sizes, an asymmetrical inside-outside tread pattern in most sizes that enables reliable grip without compromising high-speed driving properties. The inner shoulder design enhances the removal of water and slush.

"A stable driving response is emphasized at higher speeds. This has been a particular focus in the development of the Nokian WR G3. It has a Nanobase support layer at the bottom of its strong cap & base structure. The smaller molecular structure enabled by nanotechnology improves the tire's steering properties and control when driving in corners, changing lanes and performing emergency maneuvers. The tire has exemplary control properties in extreme situations both on gripping and slippery surfaces. Thanks to its innovative structure, the Nokian WR G3 is safe and accurate even in demanding conditions," Pirhonen describes.

Representing the most advanced new technology, the Nanobase structure also reduces the tire's harmful heat emission and, consequently, lowers its rolling resistance.

The golfball-like Silent Groove Design for a more pleasant response and higher mileage

The semi-round cavities on the sides of the longitudinal ribs, resembling a golf ball pattern, cool the Nokian WR G3 and make it safe even at high speeds. This innovation, called Silent Groove Design, also reduces drag and ensures better mileage thanks to lower fuel consumption. Moreover, it successfully minimizes the inside and pass-by noise of the vehicle: the cavities cut off the noise stimuli generated by air flow and prevent any unpleasant, whistling noise.

Tire noise is a key factor behind a pleasant driving response. The Silent Sidewall Technology increases driving comfort. The Nokian WR G3 tires have a distinct zone in the sidewall, which filters the noise and vibration emitted from the road surface through the tire tread and relays it to the bead area to reduce the noise heard inside the vehicle.

The new innovation, 3D Lock Sipe, featured on the WR G3 locks the outer shoulder area's blocks together during the contact with the road, which makes the structure sturdier. The blocks cannot move when driving; instead, they support each other. This ends unnecessary sipe movement, which lowers the tire's heat emission and further enhances its driving properties.

Winter Safety Indicator for added safety and comfort

Flawless winter driving is possible only if the tires are in good condition. Nokian Tyres' new products are equipped with the Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) with the unique snowflake symbol, the Winter Safety Indicator providing additional peace-of-mind.

Patented by Nokian Tyres, this standard element located on the tire's tread blocks indicates the depth of the main grooves in millimeters. The snowflake symbol remains visible until the groove depth is four millimeters. When the symbol disappears, the vulnerability to slush planing and other such phenomena increases significantly and the driver should purchase new tires in order to ensure safety in winter driving conditions.

The tire sidewalls have the familiar info area for tire pressure
recommendations. The right tire pressure makes steering more accurate, reduces tire damage and lowers fuel costs.

Nokian WR G3 tires are available in a wide range of sizes from 14” to 19” and speed ratings ranging from T to V. This new product is targeted for consumers looking for safe, reliable grip and handling in the varied driving conditions found in the North American market. The WR G3 will be available for retail starting in the spring of 2013.


Nokian WR G3 - Forget the Forecast

• Reliable grip on wet, dry and snow-covered roads alike
• Absolute grip and excellent handling in all conditions
• Stable and easy to control even at high speeds
• Effective slush- and aquaplaning prevention
• Rolls lightly, saving the environment and fuel
• Innovations: Cryogenic Canola Compound, Silent Sidewall Technology, DSI + WSI
• All-Weather performance for safety in any weather condition


Cryogenic Canola Compound. This tread rubber compound is a novel combination of rubber, silica and canola oil that optimizes winter grip, wet grip and wear resistance in varying temperatures. The unique innovation enables very low rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption and fewer harmful emissions compared with the traditional competitors.

Silent Sidewall Technology. The special zone on the tire sidewall cuts off the noise and vibration emitted from the road surface through the tire tread. By dampening noise, the new sidewall technology makes driving more pleasant.

Nanobase. A special Nanobase support layer is used at the bottom of the multi-layer tread structure. The smaller molecular structure enabled by nanotechnology improves the tire's steering properties and ensures exemplary control when driving in corners, changing lanes and dodging hazards.

Silent Groove Design. The round cavities on the sides of the longitudinal ribs, resembling a golf ball pattern, cool the tire and reduce drag. New technology improves wear resistance and lowers fuel consumption. The cavities that control air flow also prevent any unpleasant, whistling noise. The design makes driving pleasantly silent.

3D Lock Sipe. The 3D Lock Sipe locks the outer shoulder area's blocks together when in contact with the road. This reduces unnecessary sipe movement, which enhances the tire's resistance against wear and tear, even in poor road conditions.

Polished grooves. Stylish functionality: slush and water flow easily and efficiently off the slick and polished main grooves, and the lateral grooves open to the sides.

Nokian Tyres – an expert in winter conditions

Nokian Tyres is the only tire manufacturer in the world that focuses on products and services that facilitate safe transportation in Nordic conditions. The company's innovative passenger car, van and heavy-duty machinery tires are mainly marketed in areas that have snow, forest and changing seasons that make driving conditions demanding.

For over 75 years, the company has been developing, testing and patenting solutions that promote driving safety. The world's first winter tire was created to tackle the freezing temperatures and winds in 1934. Since then, top-range products refined with northern know-how have been introduced on a regular basis.

The world’s northernmost tire manufacturer tests its products under demanding and extreme conditions at its own test facilities in Ivalo, 300 kilometers (200 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. At the beginning of the 1990s Nokian Tyres became the first company to develop unique slush planing tests for winter tires. In 2002, Nokian Tyres introduced the Nokian WR, which was the first tire designed for use year-round, but also included the three peak mountain snowflake designed specifically for winter tires. This was followed in 2007 by the Nokian WR G2 that has been praised in test reports for its exemplary grip and special ability to prevent slush planing.

Respect for the environment is one of the fundamental values of Nokian Tyres. The company has systematically worked towards minimizing environmental hazards. Nokian Tyres was the first tire manufacturer to switch over to using only purified, low-aromatic oils in its production. Raw material and material choices are aimed at avoiding unnecessary burdens on the environment.

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