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Nokian Z SUV “very recommendable” in
„Auto Zeitung“ off road tyre test

The SUV premium tyre Nokian Z SUV is rated “very recommendable” by the German car magazine „Auto Zeitung“ in its latest off road tyre test. Its result: “the lowest rolling resistance in the test” and “nearly no weaknesses”. This demonstrates again the low fuel consumption and the environmentally friendly qualities of the Finnish brand tyres. The editors considered “problem-free handling up to the stability limit” being “the strengths of the Nokian SUV profile” in the “tests in the dry”.

Furthermore it is brilliant at “off road” “with the highest traction on wet grass ground”. “The relatively good response” is an important result “in the wet”. This “very recommendable” judgement confirms the best mark “very recommendable” („vorbildlich“) by the test of the German car magazine „Auto Bild allrad” two months ago. These “strengths” were praised there: “low rolling resistance, balanced driving behaviour, amazing in the sand”.

The other Nokian tyres also often get top marks in the tests of the leading German automobile associations and magazines and are multiple test winners. “Very recommendable” says the “ADAC judgement” of the German automobile association ADAC for Nokian H and Nokian Z G2 in 2010 and 2009, both got the “test quality judgement” “good” of the consumer protection organisation Stiftung Warentest. Nokian H was the overwhelming winner of the ACE/GTÜ summer tyre test 2009 (ACE = European Automobile Association), it got mark “good” by the biggest European car magazine “Auto Bild” in 2010 and by “auto Test”. The test result in this year for Nokian V is also “very recommendable” in “Auto Zeitung”.

The tests confirm the image of Nokian Tyres as the pioneer of environmentally friendliness. Environmentally friendliness belongs to the core values of Nokian Tyres, all its tyres are green and have high mileages. The company is the world's first tyre manufacturer to have introduced purified, low-aromatic oils in its production, and this already since the end of 2004.

Actually the Scandinavian specialist and multiple test winner Nokian Tyres is known for its excellent winter tyres, but it also produces outstanding summer tyres performing well in three very different seasons – spring, summer and autumn.

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