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Excellent mileage and grip

Nokian NTR 73 tire is an excellent choice for demanding trailer use around the year. It offers you excellent mileage and grip.

For heavy duty trailer use

Nokian NTR 73 is designed to cope with the heavy trailer loads. It can also be used in earthmoving. It features stone ejectors that prevent rocks from sticking on the tire main grooves. Nokian NTR 73 tire is an excellent choice for trailers even in heavy-duty use

All-year use

Nokian NTR 73 tire has M + S marking and it features a special rubber compound for all-year use. Its excellent wearing properties offer great mileage.

Wear indicator

The Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) indicates groove depth. The numbers stamped on the tread show the remaining groove depth in millimetres. The numbers fade, one at a time, as the tire wears down.

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Nokian NTR 73 - For trailers even in heavy-duty use

Recommended usage areas

Trailer tyres

Technical specifications

265/70R19.5 NTR 73

DescriptionLI / SS
265/70R19.5 NTR 73 143/141J
Description 265/70R19.5 NTR 73
LI / SS 143/141J
Product codeRRC classWet classNoise dBNoise wavesM+S3PMSF
T675137 D C 73 2 M+S 3PMSF
Product code T675137
RRC class D
Wet class C
Noise dB 73
Noise waves 2

Tire safety

Tire pressure entails a serious risk of explosion, the highly powerful tire machines impose danger, and working with tires also features a number of other health risks. The most important thing is to recognise risks in advance and act efficiently to control them.

Technical manual

Our technical manual will be your tool in finding the right tire for your work, with a promise on carefree working hours.  In addition to tire and supplementary item information, this manual focuses on the special necessities and requirements in each product category. 

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