Timber transport tires

Timber transport tires

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Transporting timber takes you to both difficult working sites and long journeys on highways. When the load on your truck is extremely heavy, you need to trust your tires to handle all kinds of situations, terrains, and weather conditions. Timber transport tires by Nokian Tyres are made with the needs of heavy trucks in mind. By choosing the right heavy tires for your truck, you can stop worrying about bad weather or the need for winter chains.

When a truck is transporting a heavy cargo of timber, even completely normal driving situations can become a great challenge. If the word heavy perfectly describes your job, Nokian Tyres makes sure that you can work safely and carefree. Our heavy cargo transport tires are designed for heavy work, whether it means complicated pick-ups or hours of driving on asphalt highways that can wear out your tires.

Confidence in every timber transportation

Narrow trails and timber transporting trucks might not sound like the best combination but are a part of a normal workday for many skilled drivers. Timber truck tires by Nokian Tyres provide confidence even in tight spaces. The tires have amazing grip and resilience that last the entire service life.  

Take full control of your vehicle

It is essential that your tires always respond well to steering – even on icy, muddy, and uneven surfaces. High-quality timber truck tires by Nokian Tyres make sure that your heavy cargo transport truck stops and turns when it needs to. With our timber truck tires, you have full control of your truck even while working in the most extreme working conditions.  

Less need for winter chains

Switching between tires or wondering whether you need winter chains or not does not come into question when you work on a tight schedule. Nokian Tyres provides outstanding timber truck tires for winter use so that you do not need to worry about unnecessary chain changes. When the winter grip, longevity, durability, and low rolling resistance are taken care of by your tires, your workdays are immediately more comfortable and effortless.  

6 tires matching your selection

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck F2

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck F2

3pmsf M+S marking Studdable Stone ejectors
Steering axle tire for demanding winter conditions
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Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck T

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck T

3pmsf M+S marking Chain use Studdable Stone ejectors
Controlled trailer handling in winter conditions
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Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer

3pmsf M+S marking Chain use Cut and crack resistant Stone ejectors
Reliability for on/off-road use
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Nokian Tyres R-Truck Drive

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Drive

3pmsf M+S marking Cut and crack resistant Tread depth indicator Chain use
Sturdy drive axle tire for demanding on/off-road use
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Nokian Tyres R-Truck Steer

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Steer

3pmsf M+S marking Tread depth indicator Stone ejectors Cut and crack resistant
For controlled steering both on and off-road
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Truck tires for timber transport by Nokian Tyres

As anyone in the trucking industry can tell you, transporting timber is not a simple task, and not just any truck tire will do. By choosing timber transport tires from Nokian Tyres you can be assured that the job gets done safely and efficiently. Find the right timber transport tires for your truck from Nokian Tyres. 

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck E2

Winter conditions on rough country roads can push timber transport tires to their limits. A quiet, economical ride with an outstanding grip is a luxury offered by the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck E2 tires. Even if you are facing deep snow or packed ice, the new dense peg sipes enable better traction while the connected-block system with an open center tread design guarantees even performance.  

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer

The Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer tire is designed for heavy cargo transport work to ensure safety in all weather and road conditions you can imagine. The tire’s robust design ensures excellent mileage and resistance to damage. Whether on or off-road, the Nokian R-Truck Trailer tire offers a long, trouble-free service life for demanding timber transport work.   

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck F2

As transporting timber and other heavy cargo takes you to many different situations year-round, you need trustworthy tires with steady handling and short braking distance. The Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck F2 tire offers you exactly this, and more. The even wear, great grip and fast self-cleaning, also in extreme winter conditions, make the Hakkapeliitta Truck F2 a truck tire that can take on even the most demanding of timber transporting tasks.   

Checklist for finding perfect tires for your timber transport

Choosing the right tires for your heavy cargo transport is not always easy since different tires are equipped with varying features. Follow this Nokian Tyres checklist to navigate through the tire options for your heavy cargo transport. The perfect timber transport tire should have:

  • Durability and functionality even with high load-bearing
  • Suitable deep patterning for a great grip
  • High stability for trustworthy timber transport in a demanding environment
  • Self-cleaning features
  • Easy steering and handling for safety
  • Ability to perform year-around and function even in demanding winter conditions - forget the winter chains with Nokian Tyres timber truck tires!
  • Long service-life and even wear

Get to know all the heavy cargo transport tires for on-the-road use from Nokian Tyres. Download the technical tire manual to learn more. Nokian Tyres ensures optimal performance for all road transport.