Intercity and long distance bus tires

Intercity and long distance bus tires

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The key factors in coach intercity traffic are stability, safety, and durability. That is why you need bus tires you can trust. When the long-distance bus – as well as the passengers – face endless highways or bumpy off-city roads, tires play a crucial role in making the journey carefree, kilometer after kilometer, day after day.

Long-haul bus drives are often exactly what they sound like – long with a capital L. In addition, many circumstances, including bad weather and rundown roads, can make things more complicated on journeys between cities and regions. Drivers and vehicle owners also need to be aware of the durability and economic efficiency of their tires. Nokian Tyres answers to all these needs with its comprehensive selection of intercity bus tires.  

Safety equals peace of mind

Reliability is one of the key factors in the Nokian Tyres product development process. The long-haul bus tires are no exception. To ensure a safe, care-free and on-time long-distance journey, high-quality bus tires with durability and steady handling are essential.  

Focus on the road, not the noise

Smooth travel means happy travelers. Loud bus tire noise can be stressful to both the driver and the passengers, which is why quiet and long-lasting intercity coach tires are the partner you need. With Nokian Tyres, you can keep noise levels down and ensure a comfortable and effortless journey - for both the driver and passengers.

The long-distance bus tires by Nokian Tyres have been designed to endure the paved highways – journey after journey and in every weather. As the tires wear evenly, they retain their important features for a long time. That means economical kilometers without ongoing surveillance of your tires or worrying about excessively frequent tire changes.  

Improve fuel efficiency with the right tires

By choosing your bus tires from the Nokian Tyres selection, you can reduce the fuel consumption of your bus. Remarkable fuel savings during long-distance rides are made possible with the low rolling resistance of our bus tires.  

8 tires matching your selection

Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Drive

Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Drive

3pmsf M+S marking
Grip around the year
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Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Steer

Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Steer

3pmsf M+S marking Stone ejectors
Stable steering tire for all seasons
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Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck D

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck D

3pmsf M+S marking
Superior grip and stability in the long haul
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Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck F2

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck F2

3pmsf M+S marking Studdable Stone ejectors
Steering axle tire for demanding winter conditions
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Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Coach

Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Coach

3pmsf M+S marking
Coach tire with confident grip and comfort in every axle position
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Nokian Tyres E-Truck Drive

Nokian Tyres E-Truck Drive

3pmsf M+S marking
Reliable all-season tyres for medium and regional haul transport.
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Nokian Tyres E-Truck Steer

Nokian Tyres E-Truck Steer

3pmsf M+S marking
Steady handling in the long run
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Choose the bus tires for your needs

Whatever the climate and weather conditions, a professional driver needs reliable and safe bus tires. By testing our bus tires in extreme driving conditions, we at Nokian Tyres can offer tires that do not let you down. Get to know the selection of bus tires by Nokian Tyres and find a reliable partner for even the most demanding long-distance drives. 

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck D

With the exceptional Hakkapeliitta grip, the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck D tire is designed for demanding use on the main roads. Long-distance bus drives require tires that are reliable and durable, which is why the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck D tires offer amazing traction and braking grip as well as excellent wear resistance. These features make the Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck D a safe and long-lasting bus tire in the long haul. 

Nokian Tyres Hakka Truck Steer

The Nokian Hakka Truck Steer tires are both sturdy and comfortable with a wide tread which gives you the mileage you need for your intercity bus tires. The tire’s sipe activators improve wet grip in particular. With the right bus tire, you can be prepared for those journeys when the weather conditions are not on your side. 

How to pick the right intercity and long distance bus tires?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing the correct tires for your long distance bus. Consider the following to find just the right bus tire for your vehicle:

  • Prioritize stability and safety when transporting other people
  • Choose a tire size that is suitable for your bus
  • Aim for high durability for a carefree ride and long service life
  • Make sure that your tire is able to perform in your load-range
  • Match the tires with the class and type of your intercity or long distance bus
  • Pay attention to the weather conditions you will be driving in and consider this in your choice of tires

Get to know all the intercity and long-distance bus tires for on-the-road use from Nokian Tyres. Download the technical tire manual to learn more and find the right tire for all your machinery. Check out our entire tire selection for city bus tires.