On/Off road tires

On/Off road tires

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When the terrain you are driving on can be anything between a highway and an uneven gravel pit depending on the time of the workday, just any tire for your vehicle will not do. Nokian Tyres specializes in tires for both specific needs and for on/off road situations when you need to be prepared for everything.

It is common to face roads and working sites from totally different worlds when picking up and delivering cargo. Nokian Tyres offers truck tires for on/off road use, combining good highway properties with grip and sturdiness as well as amazing self-cleaning. On/off road tires from Nokian Tyres have all you need to make your workdays safer and carefree.

Safety and reliability in mind - both on and off road

On/off road tires by Nokian Tyres combine high-quality materials and next generation tread patterns. These features offer both good grip on soft surfaces with excellent mileage and sturdiness for tire-wearing asphalt highways. With just the right on/off road tires Nokian Tyres offers peace of mind in every situation you face in your everyday work.  

From hot highways to icy and muddy forest paths

When you must be prepared for anything, your tires need to handle different driving conditions smoothly. On/off road tires are suitable for year-round use, whether you are enjoying dry and hot summer days, wondering if it is going to snow soon, or making your way through a soft and muddy forest working site. Be prepared for everything the seasons and varying conditions throw your way with versatile, high-quality on/off road tires. 

Efficiency in every way

Investing in the economy of your tires is always a wise choice, especially in the long run. When your tires have low rolling resistance, you save fuel, get good mileage, and enjoy reduced overall tire costs. In addition, durable tires save you from many unnecessary headaches as cuts and punctures are always a risk on worksites and difficult roads. Nokian Tyres specializes in designing on/off road tires with excellent puncture resistance for the toughest of conditions. Not only can you minimize the risk of tire damage with the right tire choice, you also avoid the inconvenience of changing tires in the middle of challenging off-road conditions. 

5 tires matching your selection

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck F2

Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta Truck F2

3pmsf M+S marking Studdable Stone ejectors
Steering axle tire for demanding winter conditions
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Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer

3pmsf M+S marking Chain use Cut and crack resistant Stone ejectors
Reliability for on/off-road use
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Nokian Tyres R-Truck Drive

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Drive

3pmsf M+S marking Cut and crack resistant Tread depth indicator Chain use
Sturdy drive axle tire for demanding on/off-road use
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Nokian Tyres R-Truck Steer

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Steer

3pmsf M+S marking Tread depth indicator Stone ejectors Cut and crack resistant
For controlled steering both on and off-road
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On/off road tires by Nokian Tyres

Although on/off road tires are a versatile choice for many challenging tasks and conditions, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. By choosing the right on/off road tire for your needs, you can improve safety and minimize the risk of tire damage.

Nokian Tyres offers four great ranges of on/off road tires to choose from: Nokian Tyres R-Truck, Nokian Tyres R-Truck Steer, Nokian Tyres R-Truck Drive and Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer. No matter your choice, you will be getting a reliable truck tire that is the result of years of expertise and experience in tire production, both large and small, heavy and light. 

Nokian Tyres R-Truck range

The Nokian Tyres R-Truck range of tires is available for every axle position and designed to answer the needs of varying on/off road challenges. Thanks to the non-directional pattern design, open tread pattern with big tread blocks and modern looks, the Nokian Tyres R-Truck range represents the latest in tire design. The robust tire carcass and compatible Nokian Tyres Noktop retreading materials make the Nokian Tyres R-Truck tires suitable for retreading as well.  

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Steer

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Steer is a steering axle tire made to work both on highways and earthmoving worksites, making it a versatile on/off road truck tire of many uses. Its excellent performance lasts the whole service life thanks to the high quality rubber compound and the stone ejectors of the tire. On top of that, the Nokian Tyres R-Truck Steer tires are also specifically engineered with a low heat build-up feature ensuring an even wear. The tire’s open tread pattern and wide grooves give it good self-cleaning properties and confident steering for the driver even on a demanding surface.  

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Drive

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Drive is a drive axle tire made from quality rubber compound for long service and tread life. Even with daily driving, the Nokian Tyres R-Truck Drive tire wears evenly throughout its whole service life. The tire has large tread blocks that improve durability and reduce chipping and tearing in rough terrain, making the R-Truck Drive an outstanding all terrain tire. When you need an exceptional grip, maximum traction and excellent off road capability for your truck, the R-Truck Drive is definitely a tire you can trust.  

Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer

The Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer is designed with stone ejectors in the main grooves, preventing tire damage and ensuring superb mileage. The tire also features a special rubber compound as well as low heat build-up to prolong its service life. Together with an open tread pattern, these features make the Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer a reliable trailer tire for great on/off road performance. When you are transporting heavy loads on your truck trailer, the tire must provide stability and safety on all road conditions. With the Nokian Tyres R-Truck Trailer tires, we guarantee a trouble-free performance and good self-cleaning properties for your vehicle. 

Find the right tires for both on and off road performance from Nokian Tyres. Download the technical tire manual to find our entire on-the-road selection as well as other tire options. See also the rest of our tire selection for all-terrain truck tires and more.