A passion for forest: New Fingerprint magazine published

Wed June 4 5:12 AM 2008 in category Company news

New Fingerprint magazine 1/2008 concentrate on forest and foresty tyres.

Nokian Heavy Tyres is a forerunner in forestry tyre development. Nokian Forest Rider, the world’s first functioning radial forestry tyre for CTL machines, is a manifestation of hard work, strong will and the ability to make a durable radial tyre with unique traction properties for demanding forest conditions.
Our work goes on. You can find us in forests, on fields, at harbours and mines also in the years to come.
The first Fingerprint magazine of the year is published in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Russian, French and Portuguese. It takes the readers to the home ground of Nokian Heavy Tyres: fields, forests, harbours and mines. It introduces new products and reports tyre user experiences.
Fingerprint 1/2008:
* Nokian Forest Rider and irresistible traction
* How to select the best forestry tyre?
* Nokian Heavy Tyres: An agile world-class player
* In a Brazilian sugar cane field

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