Heavy duty steer axle tire for on/off-road use – the new XL version complements the Nokian R-Truck range

Heavy duty steer axle tire for on/off-road use – the new XL version complements the Nokian R-Truck range

Wed June 10 10:00 AM 2020 in category Product news

The Nokian R-Truck tire series was developed for the special needs of on/off-road use in mind. At home in two worlds – on a muddy forest road or construction site as well as on a highway – the range had an enthusiastic reception from the on/off-road trucking professionals. Now the heavy-duty Nokian R-Truck Steer XL steer axle tire in size 385/65R22.5 will make even the heaviest construction and timber trucks ready for both worlds.

Designed to meet the requirements on the rough surface conditions and the bare road driving, the Nokian R-Truck series is at home in demanding on/off-road applications. Their good self-cleaning properties enable good grip even on soft surfaces, while high quality materials ensure resistance against chipping and tearing.

“In response to the need for a premium winter steering tire for heaviest snowplowing trucks and such, Nokian Tyres released a special Extra Load XL version of the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F2 steer axle tire earlier”, says Teppo Siltanen, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “Now, we want to enable also the heaviest construction and timber trucks to have heavy duty on/off-road tires, so we developed the Nokian R-Truck Steer XL.”

Controlled steering

Off-road use sets high demands on a tire. Nokian R-Truck Steer XL has an open tread pattern and wide grooves that ensure good self-cleaning and grip for controlled steering in changing driving conditions. What’s more, its main grooves have stone ejectors that prolong the tire operating life especially on rough surfaces.

“We aim to develop tires that retain their good properties throughout the tire service life”, Teppo Siltanen says. “The high-quality rubber compound wears slowly, and the low heat build-up means longer tire life.”

New weight class

The new Nokian R-Truck Steer XL tire is made available in the popular 385/65R22.5 size. “We want to open up new possibilities for heavy trucks”, Teppo Siltanen says. “Nokian R-Truck Steer XL tire brings good off-road properties to a new weight class.”