Nokian Tyres Ground Kare product family just got a new member – 600/40-22.5 size recommended for wheeled excavators in the 9–15-ton range

Nokian Tyres Ground Kare product family just got a new member – 600/40-22.5 size recommended for wheeled excavators in the 9–15-ton range

Wed March 1 12:00 PM 2023 in category Product news

The rising star of excavator tires, Nokian Tyres Ground Kare, is now available in size that fits smaller wheeled excavators in the 9–15-ton range. With the new size, Nokian Tyres continues to make excavator work easier – especially in cramped city areas, like worksites near households, yards, and such.

Nokian Tyres Ground Kare tire family took the excavating world by storm a few years back with its excellent all-round features. And since then, it has only kept improving with the new sizes extending its benefits to new sites. The latest addition to the range is the size 600/40-22.5 – fitting many smaller wheeled excavators. 

“Compact and agile wheeled excavators in the 9–15-ton range are popular in urban contracting,” says Kimmo Kekki, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres. “Many modern excavators feature four-wheel steering, which further improves their dexterity in tight spaces. By making Nokian Tyres Ground Kare available for these machines we help contractors to minimize soil damage and at the same time offer them a tire with smooth, comfortable and fuel-efficient road transportation features.” 

Replacement for dual wheels 

Nokian Tyres Ground Kare has often been used to replace twin-wheel configuration, which is prone to stone-trapping that can cause downtime. “The new 600/40-22.5 is a suitable option for machines using 9.00-20 in dual wheel configuration,” Kimmo Kekki says. “This makes it a drop-in replacement to many modern wheeled excavators.” 

Efficiency and comfort 

The steel fortifications of Nokian Tyres Ground Kare makes it very resistant against puncture damage, while its wide block pattern with large contact area enables great traction on soft soil, making it a perfect choice for versatile worksites.  

What’s more, its optimized non-directional tread pattern featuring well staggered blocks with clear offsets ensures a smooth ride. 

With the new size, the Nokian Tyres Ground Kare tire is compatible with the even most dexterous modern excavators. By combining the best features of both tires and advanced vehicles it’s possible to achieve flexible steering performance, which is crucial when there is a potential risk of damaging the surrounding environment. 

Nokian Ground Kare does little to no harm for soil beneath, thanks to its big footprint. It also rolls smoothly, making it silent and comfortable on the road. 

Traction for real-world contracting 

Sami Isomäki, who works with an excavator mainly at construction sites around Helsinki-area in Finland, has been a Nokian Tyres Ground Kare user for some time now.  He used twin wheels on his previous excavators but has found Nokian Tyres Ground Kare more suitable for his work.

“Before, I had to rely on a tracked excavator on difficult terrain”, Isomäki says. “Nokian Tyres Ground Kare has really made my job smoother, as it works well in places where twin wheels would have been stuck. I have also noted that the load-load-bearing capacity is noticeably better than with twin wheels”, Isomäki adds. 

Sizes and availability 

Nokian Tyres Ground Kare has been available in the sizes 600/50-22.5, 650/45-22.5 and 710/40-22.5. Nokian Tyres Ground Kare tire is also available for backhoe machines in size 620/60B30 and 620/60B34, including the special Semi-Slick version for railroad use in size 620/60B34. 

The perfect match – Complete wheels by Nokian Tyres 

Nokian Tyres produces high quality wheels specially designed for Nokian Tyres product range. The wheels for excavators are reinforced to provide sufficient stability. The wheel is also equipped with a valve protection including plastic plug, to prevent damage to the valve. We offer wheels in different colors to match your machine! 

The new size 600/40-22.5 is available as of now, both as tire and complete wheel. 


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