Technical manual online

Mon July 4 4:02 AM 2011 in category Company news

Nokian Heavy Tyres has produced technical manuals in different formats since the 1980s. The problem with the printed versions is that information becomes quickly outdated.

At the beginning of this year, the first electronic technical manual was posted on the internet. It can be easily updated whenever new products are launched and additional information becomes available.
The customer can refer to the technical manual for detailed information about tyres, accessories and the special requirements pertaining to each product category. The manual has separate sections for forestry, agriculture, material handling, mining, earthmoving and road maintenance, as well as for multi-purpose tyres. In addition, there is information about special applications.
The manual contains a comprehensive description of each tyre model’s technical details. It also provides the correct tyre pressure for different tyres with different loads, speeds and terrains. “Given the global nature of our operations, an online manual is very practical. We can quickly update new information and have it immediately available. The site is not only an important service for our customers but also a good source of information for our own staff,” points out Mikko Pukkila, Manager, NHT Technical Customer Service.
“The technical manual is never completed; it is continuously revised, and we welcome all tips about
possible new contents.”