Tire Pressure LED: Brilliant but simple low pressure indicator

Fri October 16 6:50 AM 2009 in category Company news

The indicator is a simple and inexpensive solution to monitoring tyre inflation pressures.

The indicator is fixed on a valve. If inflation pressure of forestry tyre decreases by 0,6 bar the led indicator starts to flash. In forestry rims the valve is protected with metal and nylon parts. Metal part is a tube with thread welded to rim. The nylon cap can be threaded into metal part to cover and keep valve clean, free form dirt and water. Often the cap is black. This is replaced by a white transparent cork. When the inflation pressure drops below the warning level, a red LED light is activated. After this alarm, the tyre should be inflated back to the recommended inflation pressure.
– We have collected test results and comments and now we have good understanding of how the pressure indicator operates in forestry machines. In fact we have by end of the year three different indicators to be offered to three different environments: agriculture, forestry and material handling including harbour and mining sector, says Petri Karvo, Sales Manager of Nokian Heavy Tyres.
This simple solution means that tyre pressures will not fall without it being noticed. When pressures are all right, the contractor saves a significant amount of time and money by avoiding damage and harm to tyres.