Invincible quality and price-lifespan-ratio

Invincible quality and price-lifespan-ratio

Long service life for tires and functioning cooperation with Nokian Heavy Tyres

When a company has offered transportation services for almost 100 years, the quality of the vehicles and their tires get a whole new meaning.

“With Nokian Heavy Tyres, we are in the right position in our business.”

– MR. Rogier Staal

Mr. Rogier Staal is a 4th generation CEO with his sister in Oostenrijk Group located in Amsterdam. Their company provides, for example, public transportation and international coach line services mostly in Europe. In their company, Mr. Staal has been in charge of acquiring and distributing tires from Nokian Heavy Tyres for almost two years. “Our cooperation is very good with great communication and comfortable ways of working together. With Nokian Heavy Tyres, we are in the right position in our business”, Mr. Staal says.

The most important feature in the tires offered by Nokian Heavy Tyres is the ability to withstand challenging city driving conditions. Tricky situations damage normal tires easily. "Nokian Heavy Tyres offers a great price-lifespan-ratio in its bus and truck tires”, Mr. Staal says. “With competitive pricing, we get pretty much the same tire service life compared to much more expensive alternatives."

Even though the cooperation partners of Oostenrijk Group are sometimes hard to convince to change their tires, Mr. Staal stands behind the Nokian Heavy Tyres quality. “I compare the tire industry with banking. It is not easy to get someone to change their bank, it is not done very often. There is a very similar trend in the tire industry as well”, Mr. Staal says. “But, as far as I know, everyone who has decided to try Nokian Heavy Tyres after suggesting it has been very pleased with the tires.”