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Baler tires

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Round or square baler, fixed or variable chamber – whatever your preference is, the important thing is getting your baler where it is needed. This is why high-class baler tires are essential for agricultural work.

Baler tires suitable for field surfaces

Flotation tires have proven their value for trailers in fieldwork. Due to their excellent performance on the field, flotation tires are becoming increasingly popular. A baler tire is no different from other trailers in this respect – you’ll need stability and predictable handling even on soft surfaces, such as mud and soil.

The Nokian Tyres ELS flotation tires are designed for field use, offering excellent mobility and good lateral grip. Its low surface pressure translates to minimal soil damage, which helps keep your fields productive. 

Tires for heavy baler tires

For heavy balers in dry hay or silage baling applications, heavy-duty flotation tires are needed. A durable high-standard baler tire for heavier machines provides extended load-bearing capacity. Nokian Tyres CT is the ultimate trailer tire, designed to cope with even the heaviest of earthmoving applications.

Road transport

When you need to move your baler between fields, you’ll appreciate the good road properties of Nokian Tyres’ flotation tires. The Nokian Tyres ELS rolls smoothly on the road as well, saving fuel with its low rolling resistance. The block-patterned Nokian Tyres CT enables your heavy baler to move quietly and comfortably on the road, thanks to its asymmetric block array.

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Nokian Tyres ELS

Nokian Tyres ELS

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The most reliable baler tire

A hay baler enables you to compress cut and raked crops, such as hay, flax, or cotton, into tight bales. To maximize the productivity and efficiency of your agricultural work and make the bales easy to handle, transport and store, an adequate machine is not enough. When finding the ideal balers, one must consider performance, reliability and convenience. The best tires include the following features:

  • Durability and functionality even with high load-bearing
  • Excellent flotation for fieldwork
  • Long service-life to manage everything from field usage to transport
  • Stability and handiness for soft surfaces

Use Nokian Tyres ELS and Nokian Tyres CT to combine these features in the tires of your balers for an exceptional experience in all conditions.

Save fuel with the right tire

Did you know that you can save fuel if you select the right tires for your baler? For example, Nokian Tyres ELS flotation tires are designed with low rolling resistance to minimize fuel usage by up to 20% compared to a bias tire. Bias tires are also known as diagonal tires. To increase your efficiency, we also highly recommend you to select round-shouldered radial flotation tires. Compared to competitors, this reduces by half the traction effort needed to pull trailers.

Find the tires designed for your agricultural machinery of choice from Nokian Tyres. To find the correct baler tires and select between the different baler tire options and sizes, read our technical tire manual and get the best experience with your baler. For more heavy tires for demanding work around the farm, see the entire selection of agricultural tires by Nokian Tyres.