Rubber-tired gantry (RTG) crane tires

Rubber-tired gantry (RTG) crane tires

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As a characteristic part of the world’s busy ports and terminals, the enormous rubber-tired gantry cranes can move impressive quantities of containers flexibly and efficiently. The highly specialized use of rubber-tired gantry cranes, also known as RTG cranes, sets high demands on tire technology as well.

Logistics is the backbone of the global economy and world trade. To minimize the costs and downtime as well as maximize speed and efficiency in today’s fast-paced world trade, container handling technology must evolve all the time. The increasing speed, agility and capacity mean that tires used in logistics must adopt new technologies as well. Rubber-tired gantry cranes and their tires are no exception to this. 

Made for agility

RTG wheels are turned by powerful actuators, typically while the machine is stationary. This puts enormous stress on both the actuators and the tires of a rubber-tired gantry crane. Nokian Tyres has improved the tire service life by designing a special RTG tire with a spherical contact surface instead of a flat one. This allows the crane to turn effortlessly under heavy loads while being stationary. The tread pattern of our tires for rubber-tired gantry cranes is also optimized for easy turning. This translates to a more reliable tire as well as less stress to the RTG itself.  

Less heat, improved service life

Today’s intense terminal work and high RTG utilization rate cause heat build-up that can reduce the service life of a tire. This should be taken into consideration, especially in hot climates. What’s more, the tires of a rubber-tired gantry crane can heat up due to their high rolling resistance. This is energy wasted. By minimizing heat build-up with optimized tire shape, structure and rubber compound, the operating life of RTG tires can be increased significantly with lower energy consumption.

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Nokian Tyres RTG

Nokian Tyres RTG

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More agility and durability to the RTG cranes
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Minimize swaying

Stability and minimal swaying are key components in safe and efficient terminal work. A good rubber-tired gantry crane tire is both agile and comfortable while also absorbing all swings and vibrations efficiently.  

Nokian Tyres RTG tire

From the very start, the Nokian Tyres RTG has been designed with minimal heat build-up in mind. The shape and special rubber compound of the tire are optimized to avoid overheating and specialized for terminal use. These unique attributes slow down tire wear and allow for longer service life as well as smaller energy consumption.

Nokian Tyres RTG has a bias structure for accurate container handling and increased stability. In practice, this means that our tires serve your gantry cranes with increased agility, optimal container handling performance and ease of turning even with maximal loads.  

Features of rubber-tired gantry crane tires

Since RTG cranes tend to be among the biggest machines stacking containers in the harbor, we at Nokian Tyres want to guarantee the best possible tires for your RTG crane. Here are the essential features of rubber-tired gantry crane tires to look for:

  • Superb lifting capacity even with the heaviest of loads
  • Minimal heat build-up
  • Tire technology that reduces energy consumption
  • Excellent stability to ensure everyone's safety in the ports
  • A tread pattern that enables easy turning
  • Flexibility and top container handling performance
  • Long service life and even wear with a spherical contact surface

Get familiar with rubber-tired gantry crane tires from Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual to navigate through your options. Find top-quality tires for your RTG cranes and other heavy industrial equipment from Nokian Tyres and access optimal performance within your industry. For more reliable, high-quality heavy tires for harbor and terminal use, see our selection of terminal tractor tires.