Noktop 42

Winter tread with excellent wearing resistance. Suitable for all axles, optimal for short and medium haul trucks and buses. Effective siping and siping activators enhance the grip in demanding winter conditions. The two-layered Cap/Base structure gives you good winter grip as well as excellent summer stability and durablity.

Tire position

Free rolling


Winter tires

Officially approved for winter use M+S NOKTOP
Noktop 42 - Winter tread for both free-rolling and traction tires

Technical specifications

Nokian Tyres Noktop 42 240

WidthPattern depthWeightWeight/mLengthProduct code
240 mm 17 mm 15.4 kg 4.6 kg/m 3355 mm T672577
Width 240 mm
Pattern depth 17 mm
Weight 15.4 kg
Weight/m 4.6 kg/m
Length 3355 mm
Product code T672577

Nokian Tyres Noktop 42 250

WidthPattern depthWeightWeight/mLengthProduct code
250 mm 17 mm 16.4 kg 4.9 kg/m 3355 mm T672578
Width 250 mm
Pattern depth 17 mm
Weight 16.4 kg
Weight/m 4.9 kg/m
Length 3355 mm
Product code T672578

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