Complete Wheels for Excavators and Backhoe Loaders

Complete Wheels for Excavators and Backhoe Loaders

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Nokian Tyres complete wheels – stability for excavators and backhoe loaders

In excavating and earthmoving work, stability and impact resistance are important – both for the wheel and tire. With the Nokian Tyres complete wheels for wheeled excavators as well as backhoe loaders, you will always get the most out of your machine. The impact and corrosion-resistant double coating, optional valve guard and heavy-duty reinforcements give the entire wheel an extended service life and stability – and for roughest terrains and heaviest machinery, the Xtreme version has an even stronger construction.


Nokian Tyres Excavator Wheel Xtreme

Give a stable foundation for a wide variety of earthmoving, digging and railway works with premium tire and rim packages. The high-grade steel with the unique Tube-Edge reinforcement and rugged double coating ensure high impact resistance, load-bearing capacity and operating life, while the effective valve guard protects your tire.


Nokian Tyres Backhoe Wheel

The wheel and tire combo that gives stability needed for excavating as well as loading in typical municipal maintenance and public works. Sturdy steel with impact and corrosion resistant double coating enables a long, trouble-free service life.

Nokian Tyres Backhoe Wheel Xtreme

Specially reinforced structure for heavy duty work enables even more load-bearing capacity and stability for rim and tire packages, making it the right choice for the most demanding construction, forestry, and earthmoving work.

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Wheels for every need

From bolt-on rim and tire packages to special twin wheel configurations or variable width wheels as well as completely customized solutions – if required, every parameter of your Nokian Tyres wheels can be tailored to your individual needs. Besides basic geometry, you can choose the needed reinforcements, valve guard and other details – such as colour.