Wheeled excavator tires

Wheeled excavator tires

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Wheeled excavators are flexible to transport and economical to maintain. That is why they are the most popular choice in many parts of the world and getting more and more common everywhere. Wheeled excavator tires have a major influence on the stability and traction – and thereby efficiency – of the excavator. Therefore, selecting the right excavator tires is key in maintaining efficiency and ensuring a smooth and steady ride.

As with all heavy tires, wheeled excavator tires need to be chosen according to the job at hand. Nokian Tyres has a selection of different solutions for different needs and soil types – from specialized tires to versatile all-around models. For transits between sites, the road properties of a tire must be considered as they are an important part of everyday working safety and comfort.  

When you need a good all-rounder

The block-patterned Nokian Tyres Ground Kare tire is a versatile choice for both on- and off-road use. The tire provides a good grip on soft surfaces, low surface pressure for little impact on soil as well as excellent stability and on-road properties. The steel-belted Nokian Tyres Ground Kare also boasts an excellent load-bearing capacity, making it very suitable for modern heavy machinery with different tools and work attachments.  

Excavator tires for versatile contracting

Nokian Tyres Ground Kare is designed with maximum versatility in mind. Available both for wheeled excavators and backhoe loaders, Ground Kare features a tread with lots of edges to deliver great traction and high operating life. Bigger blocks in the middle of the tire enable smooth and comfortable driving on road, while the shock-absorbing design guarantees stable working. A special variant of the Nokian Tyres Ground Kare tire has a unique semi-slick tread, enabling more even wear and longer operating life in railway use.  

When stability counts

Especially in cramped urban areas, excavating work requires accuracy and stability from the tire. The block-patterned Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 wheeled excavator tire, used in a dual configuration, offers precise handling even for the most demanding tasks. Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 supports your work by absorbing shocks and swings.

On worksites and roads

The block-patterned structure of Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2 excels in road transits and does not wear out quickly. It has a wide tread with plenty of rubber for long service life. In addition to being a long-lasting and durable excavator tire, the sharp shoulders and straight sidewalls of Armor Gard 2 are less prone to impact damage.  

When you work on soft surfaces

The wide, lug-patterned Nokian Tyres Excavator tire is a preferred choice for very soft surfaces thanks to its excellent grip. The low surface pressure and good self-cleaning properties make the Nokian Tyres Excavator a great fit for sandy construction sites, yards and muddy surfaces. Its curvy lug design boosts self-cleaning, meaning you will not run out of grip even in difficult circumstances.   

Stable excavating, smooth driving

With its high load capacity and improved stability, the Nokian Tyres Excavator tire gives your work the solid foundation it needs. What’s more, the tire is steel fortified against punctures for long, trouble-free service life. On-road, its low vibration means smoother transits. 

3 tires matching your selection

Nokian Tyres Ground Kare

Nokian Tyres Ground Kare

Damping Steel belted Tubeless Diagonal (bias tire) Steel fortified Tread depth indicator
Excavator and backhoe loader tire for versatile contracting work
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Nokian Tyres Excavator

Nokian Tyres Excavator

Damping Tubeless Diagonal (bias tire) Steel fortified Tread depth indicator
Excavator tire for soft surfaces
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Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2

Nokian Tyres Armor Gard 2

Tube type Diagonal (bias tire) Damping Tread depth indicator
Premium stability for urban excavation
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Right machinery and tires for the job

Many industrial job sites and road construction works may require similar machinery, but the tiny nuances between different vehicles can make the choice difficult. For example a wheeled excavator and a backhoe loader may seem quite similar, but both machines have their own attributes and requirements, as do their tires. 

A wheeled excavator is mainly used on solid and flat surfaces, for example asphalt. It is generally not as suitable for wet, muddy or soft soil as a backhoe loader. For excellent lateral traction, consider an excavator with tracks instead of wheels.

The two vehicles differ in size as well. However, one key difference relates to their ability to rotate. An excavator is able to rotate 360 degrees whereas a backhoe loader only turns left and right, narrowing the degree of rotation down to 200.  

5 tips for choosing a wheeled excavator

Buying or renting new industrial machinery is a big decision and you want to make sure your wheeled excavator is specially designed for the desired purpose. Consider the following five factors:

  1. What are the working conditions like? Consider the characteristics of your jobsite. You need different types of tires, or even a different type of excavator, for flat, bumpy, wet and urban areas.
  2. Size. The size of your wheeled excavator depends on the materials or goods you will be lifting. This determines the required tire size as well. You can choose between a mini, mid-size or full-size excavator.
  3. Properties. How much weight should the bucket of your excavator be able to handle? How long should the digging depth and reach be? Make sure to match these features with your type of labor.
  4. Weight. The weight of an excavator is tied to the load-bearing capacity of its tires. Check that your excavator is suitable for your surroundings since too heavy machinery may cause damage.
  5. Storage accessibility. Remember that varying weather conditions may require storing the vehicle indoors to ensure an optimal service life, both of the machine and its tires.

Find the ideal excavator tires from Nokian Tyres and download the technical tire manual to learn more. With our top-quality tires for varying construction sites and loading operations, you can achieve optimal performance within your industry.