Tires for forwarders

Tires for forwarders

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Getting timber out of the forest is a job for forwarders. To carry and load heavy timber safely and predictably, the forwarders benefit from stable, sturdy forestry tires. Nokian Tyres has been specializing in forestry tires for decades, creating some of the best suited tires for the job in the world. As a result of years’ worth of expertise, Nokian Tyres has created high-quality tires for forwarders and the special demands of the forest.  

High load-bearing capacity for forwarders

Forwarders carry amazing amounts of wood in demanding forest environments, where the ground can be extremely uneven and slippery. This is the home turf for Nokian Tyres: about a third of all the forest in the European Union grows in Scandinavia, where Nokian Tyres operates. Due to harsh conditions of the forest, tire quality is crucial for efficient and safe forestry work. Nokian Tyres has been developing new forestry tires for decades.

For 8-wheel forwarders, there are two product lines that sum up the decades of Scandinavian forest know-how. Nokian Tyres Forest King F2 is the ultimate log forwarder tire when it comes to performing with tracks. Another recommended forestry tire for forwarders is Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS 2. It is a premium performance traction pattern tire that works great with or without tracks. The Forest King TRS 2 fits well to versatile forestry work and various conditions. Both these premium tires are reliable solutions for forestry machines of all sizes.  

Forwarder tires optimized for tracks

In Nokian Tyres Forest King F2 the traction between the tire and track has been optimized to meet the demands of challenging forestry work. The good track support helps the tracks to stay on and prevents them from slipping. This is achieved with a special tread pattern together with the shape of the shoulders. This ensures excellent track grip for demanding forwarder use even when the ground is slippery.

Puncture-resistance with or without tracks

Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS 2 is a tire with excellent load bearing capacity. This is often referred to as load range or ply rating (PR). Forest King TRS 2 is a high-quallity traction tire that performs great without tracks. It can be used with tracks as well if the conditions get tough.

Puncture-resistance is one of the Forest King TRS 2 tire’s key qualities. In addition to withstanding punctures, the tire provides excellent lateral grip and traction. These tire features are essential when forwarders carry heavy loads on uneven and often slippery or muddy ground.  

Special tire for 6-wheel forwarders

Our most advanced tire for 6-wheel forwarders is Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS2+. This forestry tire has enhanced compatibility with tracks and its bias structure makes it extremely puncture-resistant and stable. This forwarder tire is available in 34” single axle sizes for 6-wheel forwarders.


Replacement tires for forwarder

Older forwarders may sometimes need a spare tire. This is when quality needs to meet cost-effectiveness. In case a replacement tire is needed, the Nokian Tyres Nordman Forest tire family is a trustworthy solution. The tires’ price and quality ratio is optimized without compromising reliability or functionality. The tires combine good puncture resistance and high load-bearing capacity.

Another highly recommended spare tire option for forwarders is Nokian Tyres TRS L-2. This tested and trusted classic tire for specialized forestry work comes with excellent lateral grip and high load-bearing capacity.  

7 tires matching your selection

Nokian Tyres Forest King F2

Nokian Tyres Forest King F2

Diagonal Tube type Steel fortified ccr Chain use Track use Puncture protection
Track grip for demanding forestry use
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Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS 2

Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS 2

Diagonal Tube type Steel fortified ccr Puncture protection Chain use Track use
Excellent traction in most demanding forestry use
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Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS 2+

Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS 2+

Tube type Diagonal ccr Steel fortified Puncture protection Chain use Track use
Soil-friendly traction for 6-wheel forwarders and harvesters – with or without tracks
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Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS L-2

Nokian Tyres Forest King TRS L-2

ccr Chain use Diagonal Puncture protection Steel fortified Track use Tube type
Reliable grip and traction
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Nokian Tyres Nordman Forest F

Nokian Tyres Nordman Forest F

Diagonal Tube type Steel fortified ccr Puncture protection Chain use Track use
Reliable and cost-effective solution for forestry machines
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Nokian Tyres Nordman Forest TRS L-2

Nokian Tyres Nordman Forest TRS L-2

Diagonal Tube type Steel fortified ccr Puncture protection Chain use Track use
Excellent traction for replacement market
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Nokian Tyres Nordman Forest ELS L-2

Nokian Tyres Nordman Forest ELS L-2

ccr Puncture protection Steel fortified Tube type Diagonal Chain use Track use
Efficient operating hours
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Forwarder tires for extreme conditions and hard work

Forwarders are specialized forestry tractors intended for transporting heavy logs in challenging terrain. With a heavy load and conditions that place special needs for forestry equipment and vehicles, a specialized forestry tire is needed. The superior qualities of Nokian Tyres’ forwarder tires are the result of decades worth of research and product development.

A reliable forwarder tire has to meet certain requirements to rise to the occasion in the harshest of conditions. 

  • Excellent traction even on soft ground
  • Puncture-resistance and the ability to withstand cuts and wear over time
  • Great stability and flotation
  • Sturdy construction
  • Wide tread design

Quality forestry tires from Nokian Tyres

Heavy tires for different forestry applications are essential to get the job done. Not only is Nokian Tyres an expert in high-quality forwarder tires, our selection of specialized forestry tires includes tires for harvesters, skidders and other forestry tractors. Find the most technologically advanced tires for demanding forestry work from Nokian Tyres. For all forest forwarder tires and tire sizes, read our technical tire manual.