Come work with us!

We are looking for motivated and skilled professionals as well as future talents to build success with us. As the most profitable tyre manufacturer in the world, we are looking for people who can deal with challenging situations and have a strong desire to be the best.

Our resourceful and inspired personnel make roads safer by developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative, premium-quality tyres designed for demanding conditions. If you want to become one of us, please read more and submit your application.

With the right attitude, nothing is impossible

It is important for us that you commit to your work and are a good team player. We believe that inspired, committed, and motivated personnel exceed expectations and achieve the best results.

Our company employs over 4,600 skilled professionals globally. We have our own production facilities in Finland and Russia, as well as sales companies and Vianor outlets in dozens of countries.
In addition to passenger car tyres, our group manufactures heavy tyres for trucks and harbour, mining, and forestry vehicles and offers premium car care and tyre services via the Vianor chain.

As a large group of companies we have a multitude of positions, and our teams need specialised experts as well as multitalented professionals with a diverse skill set. You can find many interesting tasks in the fields of IT, purchasing, logistics, finance, sales, and export.

Our R&D designs and tests materials, structures, tread patterns, and rubber compounds suitable for tyres and carries out relentless product testing in order to find new test-winning tyres.

The production involves, in addition to physical work, many positions that demand precision as well as quality and production control skills. Sales and tyre mounting skills are put to good use at Vianor.

Our company provides you with opportunities to grow and develop in-depth expertise, as long as you are ready to take on new challenges, question existing practices as necessary, and bring new ideas to our business.

Good work will be rewarded

We share our company’s success with our personnel. One example of fair treatment in our company is that our remuneration system covers all of our employees. We pay bonuses to our personnel based on reaching the set goals and the company result. We also give recognition to employees who have been with our company for a certain time.

We reward research work as well as feasible inventive ideas. Inventiveness has a long tradition in our company, and it provides opportunities for our personnel to influence their work and the work environment and for us to support management and leadership.

Our goal is to have the personnel actively contributing to the operation of our company and the development of their own work and to utilise their ideas extensively. This way, our personnel function better, which in turn improves the results of individual employees and our company.

An excellent team on top of it all

We can offer you interesting challenges, opportunities for development, and colleagues like nowhere else. We share a belief in working together and also enjoying other people’s success. A good team works well together, and many even participate in club activities or spend the evening with their colleagues after work. Building good relationships between colleagues is also supported by our strong company culture.

The entrepreneurship, shared development of ideas, and active participation by our personnel support the improvement of professional skills, profitable growth, and strategic implementation in our group. Everyone has an opportunity to grow and learn in our company. Read more about employee well-being and opportunities for competence development.