For suppliers

For suppliers



Nokian Tyres is to treat its suppliers fairly and with the aim that Nokian Tyres is always viewed as a serious and good customer.

The choice of a supplier is always to be based on the supplier´s ability to meet Nokian Tyres requirements regarding sustainability, quality, delivery reliability and total cost. Suppliers must comply with the Nokian Tyres Supplier Code of Conduct, mutual agreements and the applicable laws and regulations.

Nokian Tyres aims at long-term relationships with its suppliers, at the same time continuously looking for new and more competitive sources of supply. The suppliers are an important source of value and innovation to Nokian Tyres and we therefore expect our suppliers to be proactive in continuous improvements.


Supplier code of conduct

Supplier code of conduct



Registration process collects information for supplier company identification, contacts, management system certifications and approval of Nokian Tyres supplier code of conduct.

Evaluation and selection covers due diligence, including supplier risk assessment and know your counterparty check. Among others, covers topics of human and labor rights issues, environmental topics, CO2 emissions and ethical business practices.

Global procurement function handles sourcing and contracting to support Nokian Tyers strategic objectives. These activities are based on supplier and category needs and justified by procurement policy and on supplier and category risk analysis.

Order management and invoicing ensures effective daily business by enabling effective purchase and invoice documents flow between Nokian Tyres and the supplier.

The registration process is initiated by submitting a registration request:

Supplier registration