management shareholding

Nokian Tyres holdings of person and legal entities controlled by him/her on December 31, 2023

Published transaction notifications by managers and their closely associated persons can be found in Nokian Tyres’ stock exchange releases. Further information on reporting insiders’ holdings is available on the page transactions of managers.

  Number of
Jukka Moisio, President & CEO  22,921
Päivi Antola, Communications, Investor Relations and Brand 5,799
Niko Haavisto, Finance and Treasury 11,250
Anna Hyvönen, Passenger Car Tyres and Vianor 22,010
Adrian Kaczmarczyk, Operation Excellence 3,420
Jukka Kasi, Products & Innovations 40,367
Päivi Leskinen, Human Resources  -
Manu Salmi, Heavy Tyres and Nokia Factory 30,457

Shares owned by Board members and legal entities controlled by them December 31, 2023

                                                                                                                  Number of
Jukka Hienonen, Chair 25,808*
Pekka Vauramo, Deputy Chair 9,096
Susanne Hahn 4,028
Markus Korsten 2,386
Veronica Lindholm 10,004
Christopher Ostrander 4,660
Jouko Pölönen 23,690
George Rietbergen 7,614
Reima Rytsölä 2,386**
* In addition, 20,592 shares in the insurance wrapper, with no voting right
** In addition, 5,000 shares in the insurance wrapper, with no voting right