Tue December 21 02:36 pm 2021 in category Articles

A pop-up vaccination point was set up at the Finnish factory in just a week

“We care” is one of Nokian Tyres' core values. As the corona situation has quickly worsened, the company decided to react to ensure the well-being of its personnel and the continuation of production. In just one week, a pop-up vaccination point was set up at the Finnish factory in Nokia, in cooperation with Finla Occupational Health and the City of Nokia. The first vaccines were given on Tuesday morning.

“Safety is a top priority for Nokian Tyres, and the health and safety of our employees is paramount during this time of covid-19. In Finland, the situation has deteriorated quickly in recent weeks. We do our best to ensure that our personnel can work as safely as possible and avoid illness and absence. The rapid spread of the covid-19 is a threat to which we want to respond. We decided to start vaccinations at our Finnish factory in Nokia and allow the personnel to get vaccinated as effortlessly as possible and reach the complete vaccine coverage”, says Manu Salmi, Executive Vice President for the Nokia Factory.

The initiative for pop-up-vaccinations in a rapidly deteriorating situation came from Finla's occupational health center in Nokia. The topic was immediately raised at a factory meeting and the same day Manu Salmi called the city to ask if a quick vaccination pop-up-point would be possible. The city immediately gave proposal the green light.

“I would like to thank the management of Nokia City and Finla Occupational Health for their initiative and excellent cooperation in launching the vaccinations. In situations like these, rapid response is paramount and can even save lives. I encourage you all to use the opportunity and supplement the vaccine series or start taking the vaccines now at the latest”, says Salmi.

The cooperation has been seamless, and an employee of Nokian Tyres can take the vaccination, even if the place of residence is other than Nokia. The vaccination point was opened on Tuesday morning in a conference room behind the factory's reception hall, in front of which safe queuing is also possible.