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Beyond All-Steel Radial modern high technology moves forward:
New special tyres for material handling and earthmoving

The unique Beyond All-Steel Radial technology launched by Nokian Heavy Tyres is moving into new territories. The first product manufactured using this technology, the extremely wear-resistant Nokian HTS Straddle tyre, will now also be available in a new size, 480/95R25. Another novelty to be introduced this autumn is the 18.00R25-sized special tyre for underground LHD mine loaders, featuring the Beyond All-Steel Radial technology.

The Beyond All-Steel Radial technology features a unique combination of the best features of the traditional cross-ply and radial tyres: supreme stability, excellent durability and a low rolling resistance. State-of-the-art technology combined with advanced and extremely durable materials enable unforeseen constructional solutions. For machine operators, the advanced properties translate into increased efficiency and reliability of use, as well as lower fuel costs. In addition, the new technology enhances driving comfort and safety.

"In practice, the new Beyond All-Steel Radial technology brings enhanced tyre constructions and properties, such as a more pleasant driving response, thanks to the quicker dampening of swings. Further benefits achieved with this technology include excellent stability and durability, as well as a low rolling resistance. In the future, the Beyond All-Steel Radial technology will be actively applied in various product groups: container and material handling, mining and tunnel construction, as well as earthmoving," says Martti Päivinen, Product Development Manager from Nokian Heavy Tyres.

The new Nokian HTS Straddle for straddle carriers

The first product using the revolutionary technology was the Nokian HTS Straddle, a straddle carrier tyre with excellent load-bearing capacity and driving stability. Now, a new size has been added to the product family: 480/95R25.

The Nokian HTS Straddle provides straddle carriers with premium durability for their work in harbours and goods terminals. This special tyre combines the high load-bearing capacity desired by operators with excellent driving comfort appreciated by drivers.

The Nokian HTS Straddle features all-new constructional solutions different from the traditional harbour tyre design. The multi-layer tyre body, featuring an ultra-durable textile structure, ensures the stability of the straddle carrier even at high speeds. The Nokian HTS Straddle is at home on even surfaces, but it also works well on uneven or rough surfaces. The tyre has an excellent hourly output all year round, even in varying usage conditions and weather. Test results indicate that the durability of the Nokian HTS Straddle is of the absolute top level on the market.

This special tyre with low rolling resistance and good fuel-saving properties is a reliable choice for operations that require absolute grip. It is also sovereign in demanding winter conditions, where maximal grip is required.


480/95R25 NEW

Beyond All-Steel Radial vs. All-Steel steel belt tyre

More stability

  • Better stability and driving comfort
  • Better swing dampening, because tyre and shock absorber are in one product

More operating hours

  • Lower rolling resistance means lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions putting stress on the environment
  • Lower heat generation leads to slower wear in demanding conditions

Better safety

  • More precise driving behaviour brings more reliability
  • A sturdy and durable structure enables better cut resistance

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