Thu June 21 04:33 am 2012 in category Company news

Beyond All-Steel Radial technology – power with a wil of steel, now also for mines

Beyond All-Steel Radial technology now even conquers rock. The sharp rocks and demanding conditions on the rough passageways of a mine provide a tough challenge, to which BAS is the perfect answer.

This new tyre of size 18.00R25, developed for underground LHD mine loaders, is already in test operation in Estonia, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Tyres using Beyond All-Steel Radial technology are used to mine oil shale for energy production as well as gold, and to build tunnels.
The mine tests confirm that the new technology combines in a unique manner the best features of traditional bias and radial tyres.
The tyres have first-class stability, excellent durability due to their stronger construction, and low rolling resistance. The sum of these features means excellent hourly results, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions.
Removing excess heat
Lower heat generation means slower wear under demanding operating conditions. The low heat generation of the Beyond All-Steel Radial tyres is also important for underground mines, since removing the heat created by the excavation from the mine is a big challenge.
The new Nokian BAS Mine L-5S feels at home on long transfers. It has a precise and comfortable driving feel, even at higher speeds.
This new product will be introduced to the market during the summer.
Beyond All-Steel Radial technology is used actively across different product groups: container and material handling, mining and tunnel construction, and earthmoving.