Wed August 22 09:23 am 2007 in category Company news

Efficiency in contractors’ routines

The versatility of the block tread-patterned tractor tyre, Nokian TRI 2, is impressive.

Designed for road and environmental maintenance equipment and agriculture tractors, the tyre facilitates contractors' routines throughout the year. The tread design and strong and durable structure ensure excellent grip on winter roads as well as in soft fields. The grip is further enhanced by the tyre cleaning easily.

The Nokian TRI 2 wears evenly, and the number of efficient working hours is up to 2–3 times greater than that offered by tyres with a lug pattern design. Driving comfort is superior. A pleasant and stable passenger car-like driving response makes highway travel easier and increases traffic safety. Thanks to its block pattern and even contact pressure the tyre can also be used in the maintenance of, for example, sensitive green areas.

New sizes in September

In September the size range of Nokian TRI 2 will further expand by two new products. The 300/80 R24 tyre size is suited for small tractors used, for example, in road maintenance and in green areas. The other addition to the range, 540/65 R24, is best suited for real estate maintenance machines and for agricultural use.

The Nokian TRI 2 is an environmentally friendly product. It is easy on the ground and cleans effortlessly, ensuring that machines do not carry soil onto roads. Similar to all Nokian Heavy Tyres products, the Nokian TRI 2 is manufactured without harmful high-aromatic oils. Only purified, low-aromatic oils are used in the rubber compounds.

Nokian TRI 2 tyre sizes:

340/80 R18
360/80 R20
300/80 R24 (new size, available in 09/2007)
340/80 R24
360/80 R24
400/80 R24
440/80 R24
400/80 R28
440/80 R28
440/80 R30
480/80 R30
440/80 R34
480/80 R34
480/80 R38
540/80 R38
420/65 R24
460/65 R24
540/65 R24 (new size, available in 09/2007)
540/65 R30
650/65 R42