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Central European drivers choose all-season tires for two main reasons – convenience and safety throughout the year

More than half of Central European drivers with all-season tires choose them for their convenience as all-season tires do not need to be changed twice a year. Another reason, according to the survey* conducted by Nokian Tyres in the past year, is the safety aspect. 50% believe that all-season tires are safe enough to use throughout the whole year in central Europe and they meet all the regulatory requirements for winter tires. The survey was conducted in four countries: Germany, France, Italy and Poland. The new Nokian Seasonproof  all-season tire is designed for drivers who need reliability and first-class safety for snowy and slushy winter days but who also want top-notch performance and effortless driving feel in the summer.

The growing need for added safety in unexpected wet and snowy conditions, even out of season, is one of the major reasons why a number of European vehicles are fitted with tires, which can handle all the varying weather,“ says Catja Wiedenmann, The Head of Marketing in Nokian Tyres Europe.

According to a survey by Scandinavian premium tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres, European drivers specially valued safety in all weather conditions throughout the year. This is an important fact, since weather conditions in Europe are extremely varying, according to the Global Climate Risk Index.[1]

Grip and handling with good wear and tear resistance and safe winter properties in changing environment were also among the most relevant properties. Drivers that took part in the survey stated that they choose all-season tires for two reasons: convenience and safety. The usually high prices of all-season tires are one reason why many households still prefer seasonal ones though. Convenience is the main factor for Italian drivers with 70% of them agreeing to some extent, followed by 63% of German drivers. For Polish drivers, safety is the most important issue with 74% agreeing that all-season tires are safe enough for all seasons, followed by French and Italian drivers with 56% and 54% respectively.

However, the study participants still wish for some improvements in all-season tires. The biggest wish is for manufacturers to improve fuel efficiency followed by good wear and tear resistance as well as the purchasing price. When it comes to driving on snow and slush, especially Italian drivers (41%) have concerns as do German and French drivers (34% and 35% respectively), because they believe that the local weather in winters still require winter tire properties.

Nokian Seasonproof - Convenience meets safety

Nokian Tyres launched a new product family last autumn, Nokian Seasonproof and Nokian Seasonproof SUV, which offer safety and year-round convenience for Central European drivers.
Safety comes always first in our product development philosophy. The new Nokian Seasonproof offers a practical solution for drivers who want to say goodbye to the seasonal tire changes but still want a safe option for snowy, slushy and rainy roads on every day of the year”, says Martin Drazik Product Manager at Nokian Tyres.

All sizes come with the Snowflake symbol (3PMSF), which indicates that the tire has been officially approved for winter use. The product range offers sizes for modern passenger cars, SUV and CUV with a selection of 64 products from 14 to 19 inches, with speed ratings of T (190 km/h), H (210 km/h) V (240 km/h) W (270 km/h).

Tire choice depends on annual millage, age and fuel type

Most all-season tires are installed on small or medium family cars, with as much as 58% in Germany that drive between 5,000 and 20,000 kilometers per year. While the overwhelming majority of 78% of German all-season drivers use them on petrol-powered cars, followed by 55% of Poles and 45% of Italians, 62% of French drivers prefer them on Diesel cars.

Most respondents use all-season tires for vehicles older than 5 years. Interestingly, only 3.75% of all respondents across central Europe buy all-season tires for new cars less than a year old. Therefore, it is not surprising that many drives consider using all-season tires for their households’ second car, which usually has a smaller annual mileage. 74% of Polish drivers agree to that as well as 59% of Italians, 57% of Germans and 47% of French drivers.

All-season market is growing

The survey shows that most respondents use tires being less than two years old, meaning they are still on their first set of all-season tires. This number is the highest in Poland with 67%, followed by Germany with 57%. In addition to that, 77% agree that climate change and milder weather in winters will make all-season tires more interesting for consumers in the future.

The generic market growth rate for all-season tires is already high with 20-25%, so this market will continue to grow strongly in the future and the survey mirrors this sentiment: 70% of the respondents would definitely buy all-season tires again for their car.

About the all-season tire study 2020
*The data is based on an online survey taken in May 2020 by YouGov research company for Nokian Tyres. The survey was conducted in four countries (Germany, France, Italy and Poland) with a sample of 300 all-season tire users from each country. At the time of the study, the respondents were older than 18 years who participated in a tire purchase before. The aim of the study was to analyze the sentiment towards all-season tires as opposed to seasonal tires and the reasons behind this decision.


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