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Flexible working hours contract for 2021 signed at Nokian Tyres’ Finnish factory

Nokian Tyres plc Press Release January 22, 2021, 9:00 a.m.

A flexible working hours contract covering passenger car tire production in 2021 has been signed at Nokian Tyres’ Finnish factory. The contract enters into effect immediately and remains in force until the end of the year.

The contract aims to ensure the continuity of employment relationships and to allow production to be focused according to seasonal demand, while adjusting production to more quiet periods without the need for temporary layoffs.

“By operating our production efficiently and according to demand, we can quickly respond to the needs of our customers and any changes thereto as well as avoid oversized inventory levels and the resulting additional costs. This allows us to improve our position in the highly competitive tire industry. At the same time, we can offer our staff better visibility into the future,” says production director at the Nokia factory, Pasi Antinmaa.

“I am delighted that the cooperation between the personnel and employer works so well and that we can negotiate and agree on matters together. I want to thank the representatives of the different personnel groups and the employer side for this contract, which is a symbol of our work towards a common goal.”

The contract has been drawn up on the basis of a proposal created by the personnel groups in passenger car tire production. It concerns the workers and clerical employees in passenger car tire production, maintenance, and quality control at the passenger car tire production in Nokia. The contract covers some 400 people.

“The contract ensures that we can retain expertise and skill at the Nokia factory even during periods of lower demand,” says chief shop steward Petri Sorvali.

The contract is built around a shift work model that contains 44-hour weeks, 8 weeks of time off during the year, and most weekends free. The contract ensures that the employees receive evenly distributed salary payments and four weeks of continuous summer vacation, among other things. The contract also ensures job security: during the contract period, there will be no temporary or permanent layoffs due to financial or production-related reasons.

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