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Vianor’s and Hammerfall’s viral video has already been viewed almost 700 000 times

Heavy metal fans get to see and hear their favourite band during a tyre change 

The tyre chain Vianor, which invests highly in the customer experience, and the Swedish heavy metal band Hammerfall gave their customers and fans a big surprise in Gothenburg, Sweden, when an ordinary tyre change turned into a personal gig by the popular band Hammerfall. After just three days, the video made of this surprising gig has been viewed almost 700 000 times on Facebook. Watch the video on YouTube. Are you the next in line to experience the tyre change of lifetime?

Vianor offers a first-class customer experience based on its deep understanding of its customers. The company realised that in the Gothenburg area in Sweden there are a large number of heavy metal fans. So the company decided to arrange an event that fans would remember for a lifetime. The local heavy metal legend Hammerfall got excited about the idea and got on board, helping to implement what could be the world’s most unforgettable tyre change. The surprise is real when the customers find themselves in the middle of their dream gig.

”Personal service experience is becoming ever more crucial. In addition, advertising in this industry is too often, quite frankly, boring. We decided to do something different. We wanted to take the customer experience to a whole new level and give our customers an unforgettable experience together with Hammerfall,” says Vianor’s marketing manager Roope Tähkä.

After just three days there have been almost 700 000 views on Facebook. Also the members of Hammerfall got excited about the new and extraordinary idea, which also paid attention to their loyal fans. “It was a great experience being part of this and giving something back to some of our devoted and diehard fans. When Vianor approached us with this idea we didn’t hesitate for a second. We totally loved the idea! The fans were totally taken by surprise and their reactions were priceless to watch. I think this was an unforgettable day not only for the fans. It was a day to remember also for us in the band”, say Hammerfall vocalist Joacim Cans.

Hammerfall’s unique gig will not be the only surprising tyre changers will face this spring. Will you be next?

See the video on YouTube here:

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Roope Tähkä, marketing manager, Vianor Oy (in English) roope.tahka(at), +358 40 7538 549

The Hammerfall Pitstop at Vianor campaign was planned by SEK. SEK is part of the Salomaa Group, the largest family-owned marketing and consultancy agency in Scandinavia.

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